Did you know chlorine does not turn your hair green - Part 2

Following on from a previous post, here are 5 more beauty myths that you may or may not know. I actually believed most of these myths surprisingly, did anyone else?

6) Skin pores open and close.

FICTION – Pores can appear larger if there is a build up of dirt, but they do not open and close. If you would like to reduce the appearance of large pores, exfoliate.

7) Waxing and shaving causes your hair to grow back thicker.

FICTION – It only appears thicker because the hair is shorter, so you do not have to worry about shaving and waxing making your hair thicker!

8) Rinsing your hair with cold water will make it shiny

FICTION – A quick rinse with cold water after washing your hair is meant to make it shiny, however it doesn’t make it any shinier than a rinse with hot water. So save yourself a cold shower :)

9) Toothpaste can eliminate spots

FICTION – Although the menthol in toothpaste may dry out spots, other ingredients can irritate the skin. Therefore I would stick to your spot treatments, such as tea tree oil.

10) Chlorine turns you hair green

FICTION – It is not actually the chlorine that turns your hair green, it is the copper which can be found in pools that are not maintained properly (or cleaned regularly). Therefore it is still important to use the right shampoo, and if you have any trouble there is always ketchup!

So that is the last of my beauty myths. I hope you enjoyed them - if you missed part one (Did you know sleeping on your back may prevent wrinkles?) you can read it here.

XOXO Carissa


  1. Found this really interesting! So surprised that those myths are fiction! I've always believed in them:L

    Kelly xx

  2. Brilliant! thank you for clearing a few things up for me, i'll keep the toothpaste for my teeth only :) xoxox

  3. Really interesting post!


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