Amour #001 - Gossip Girl

Hey lovelies,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I am going to start a new feature post each Sunday which will look at one item/thing/whatever that I have loved in the past week that is beauty/fashion focused.

Making a comeback on our screens recently I find myself eagerly waiting for Tuesday to come round so I can catch up on Gossip Girl (Don’t miss their 100th episode this Tuesday!). Therefore this weeks amour features the lovely Blair and Serena.

I adore their styling, hair and make-up with Blair's classic yet preppy look and Serena's boho but rocker chick look. Which do you prefer? I don't think I can choose!

I also couldn't help but include something which I hope other Gossip Girl fans will share my
frustrationlove for – Chuck and Blair. They have been teasing us from the very beginning, getting together, splitting up, nearly getting together, not talking, about to run away together and yet again no longer talking. THEY ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER!! Although it is frustrating it makes me love them even more and I know they will eventually be together, I hope. What do you think?

I want Gossip Girls Stylist...and I also wish that Chuck Bass was real.

Lots of Love

Carissa XXX


  1. ahhh is Blake Lively an actual Greek goddess? So jealous of everything about her xx

  2. I love Gossip Girl! I would love a mix of both of the girls style, picking one is wayy too hard!

  3. I don't watch Gossip Girl but I really like this kind of regular post! Great idea x

  4. this is absolutely amazing, I love them and this post :D


  5. Saw your blog on #bbloggers! Fancy being GFC followers? I also have a giveaway on at the moment - find it on my sidebar and menu tab.

    Personally I have a slightly edgier style, but I just think Blair always looks incredible so she gets my vote!

  6. aw ive heard so many people/blogs talking about the new series of gossip girl... i've never watched a episode so i realllly want to watch it from the beginning! seriously need to get the box set ha ha! xo


  7. gossip girl is my life. blair is so beautiful and chuck is the most gorgeous man alive <3

    Charlotte Couture

  8. i love this show so much;)

  9. just returning to mention... GEORGINA IS GOSSIP GIRL
    AHHH such a good episode
    Charlotte Couture Blog

  10. Ahhh they are such a gorgeous couple!

    P.s, I am holding a MASSIVE GIVEAWAY on blog - featuring a handbag, clutch, and jewellery! I would love for you to enter!!!



  11. I'm in love with Gossip Girl!!!

  12. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.


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