Nails of the Day – No.7 Iced Mocha

Hello my lovelies,

I recently found this nail polish and I am in love with the colour. I rarely buy No.7 nail polishes at full price because of the £5 voucher deal that they always seem to be handing out; therefore I usually pay around £2. For this reason I own quite a few No.7 polishes, and for £2 I am very impressed.

It is from the range “Speed Dry” in Iced Mocha, which is a nice shimmery metallic gold colour. Upon application I did notice that it did appear to dry relatively fast and was able to get on with my daily routine not long after (which can be a problem with some polishes).

The only negative I have to say about this polish is that I did have problems with bubbling. However this may be that I did not leave the polish to dry long enough before the next application, or maybe it’s on its last legs, I am not sure.

Isn’t it pretty? It is slowly becoming one of my favourite colours for the nail and it is perfect all year round. This colour matches all outfits; it can be worn with almost anything. I do find it rather annoying painting my nails a certain colour to find it clashes with an outfit that I plan on wearing in the future.

Has anyone else tried this colour?

Lots of Love,


  1. What a pretty colour! I love golds but don't own one /:

  2. Lovely colour! I can't wait to get my next £5 voucher! x

  3. That is such a nice colour! I've think I may actually go and get this shade with my No7 vouchers! xxx

  4. @Nicola Ohh you should, gold looks lovely on the nails ♥
    @Louise Me neither! My mum got on few days ago so they are back again :)
    @Sarah Thank you!
    @Meg I would highly recommend it, it really is a pretty colour

  5. This is a really nice color. I'm a big fan of neutrals because I hate the clashing too!!

    I found your blog through the #bbloggers chat and am now following!

  6. this is such a gorgeous colour!! the name itself just sounds gorgeous too ha ha!! xx

  7. Found you through #bbloggers. ^_^

    I never thought of using the £5 for nail polishes, usually I just stick them in the bin lol! But for £2 you can't really go wrong. =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  8. This nail polish is beautiful:) I have a few of them vouchers lying in my bag,.. may get a few polishes with themx

  9. Really lovely colour - my mum has this so might have to pinch it - like you say it would go with anything. :-)


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