New Years Resolutions

I am not usually one to make New Years Resolutions, but I thought it was time for a change and so have made four resolutions which I aim to keep throughout the whole of

Try not to worry so much – I am a big worrier, I just can’t help it. I worry if I haven’t heard from someone and I was meant to, I worry about missing my train, about being late, I literally worry about anything! So, this year I am going to try and stop myself from worrying too much. This may be easier said than done as it’s not like I choose to worry, but so far so good...

Save at least 25% of any source of income – This is going to be a tough one but I decided on 25% as I don’t think it’s too high that it would be unrealistic, this also allows me to save more if I am able to. These savings will be for both travel and moving out with my boyfriend :)

Read more books – I love reading, I just never find myself making time to read. I always opt for watching television or exploring the internet. I received quite a few books for Christmas, so the incentive to read is there, I just need to get started!

Stop biting my nails – OK OK I admit it, I am a nail biter. It’s not very nice nor is it very attractive, so I WILL stop biting my nails. I am doing well so far, even though I seem to have the urge every day, but I like my new longer nails and therefore I have more of an incentive not to bite.

What are your new years resolutions? Do you have any the same as the above? Let me know!

XOXO Carissa


  1. Try having acrylic nails, you cant bite the and once they come off you should have long nails underneath :)

  2. Saving 25% is such a good idea! I REALLY need to start saving as I'm just awful at it.
    I'm telling myself I need to exercise, go to lectures and eat less Wispa Golds (the latter is definitely going to be the hardest)
    Love the blog :)

  3. I'm with you on the saving goal, really need to tighten my purse this year!


  4. hi. i just discovered your blog !
    what a nice blog :)

    i think i should save and make NY resolutions too !

    good luck on accomplishing your resolutions !

    ohh, and if you don't mind, check out my blog too :)
    thanks :)

  5. I like so much what i see here.

  6. I also want to read more - I'm the same as you, I love reading but always fill my spare time with other things! As soon as my assignments are over I can't wait to tuck in to a few of my christmas books :-)

    Phoebe x

  7. I like reading your resolutions (:
    My resolutions for 2012 are: pass all my exams, moving in my new apartement and spend 1 month in London to study english!I hope we'll be able to realize what we prefixed (:

  8. I love your new years resolutions, and like mine these are all the one's that you can do :)

    I'm a serial worrier, i tend to overthing situations but then have to remind myself i'm being silly and not everythings all that bad,

    Good plan with the saving, even it its a fiver a week, it goes a long way in a year, i'm starting to do the smae this year,

    as for the biting nails part, paint your nails really pretty and you won't ever want to bite them, that was my trick, and it worked hehe!

    I'm following your blog now btw hun, thanks for your lovely comment on mine,

  9. Thank you all for your lovely and helpful comments! I hope all your resolutions go well, it's nice to know I share a few with others.

    Mine are going ok so far, the hardest one is my nails! But I am keeping them painted nicely so that I don't want to ruin them.

  10. I am such a worrier too.. to the point where I make myself ill worrying! I really need to make an effort to read more books aswell, love posts like these :} X


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