Amour #005 - The Kindle and The Hunger Games

I received a Kindle from my boyfriend for my birthday and have only just had the chance to use it, as I was already midway through a book. At first I was a little unsure at the idea of a kindle, as I do love reading hard copies of books, however after a week of using it they certainly have some great advantages!

Firstly you can download a sample of any book, which is usually long enough to get a feel for what the book will be like - great if you are unsure about a book. You also have access to so many free books that you could easily never buy a book again. They also have a Kindle Daily Deal, where a book is 99p for one day, so you can get some great deals. Lastly, I love that you have access to any book 24/7, so if you have just finished a book you can easily get another without having to go out and buy one.

I am currently reading The Hunger Games which I am also loving. I heard so much about this trilogy but never really gave it a try, until I downloaded the sample and had to buy the book and now I can't put it down. It is worth a read. Has anyone else read The Hunger Games? I am looking forward to the film coming out next month!

What books do you recommend?

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Carissa XXX


  1. Your Kindle looks amazing! I don't read enough to have one of these.
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  2. I too love Kindles and the Hunger Games =) Are you familiar with the Kindle feature where you can lend and borrow books? Theres a website called where you can borrow and lend and it is SO COOL! I was able to read all three Hunger Games books for free by borrowing it through Lendle =)

    1. Ohh wow, that sounds amazing!! Thank you for sharing, will definitely check that out :)

  3. If you're looking for something a bit different and slightly controversial,I really recommend Terri Paddock's 'Come Clean' - it's my favourite book x

  4. I love this mini review :). I have been on the fence about Kindles for so long. I don't think I read enough extracurricular books to justify one of these. It would be great if I could get my massive Uni books on these though, but then again I like to highlight :D. You've really made me consider one for the summer time though when I do most of my reading. The Lendle concept is also so cool! I would love to know what other books you recommend.

  5. I really want to read the Hunger Games too. A friend of mine just finished the first one and said it was amazing. Never really looked into Kindles but really want to now!
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  6. This is amazing!Lucky you :)

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