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I know you may not expect to see this on a beauty blog, but I thought it was too pretty not to share. I recently changed my phone skin, so I thought I would share it with you all! I discovered DecalGirl early last year when I was looking for a new phone case and came across the idea of a skin instead. Although skins do not protect your phone from any falls, it does protect it from getting scratched, which is the main reason I wanted a case (I tend not to drop my phone too often). You can still use a case with the skins as added protection :)

DecalGirl are located in America but i received both my orders very fast and had no trouble at all. I ordered the matt version as I was more attracted to those when I checked out their facebook page (you can see many photos of the different skins on electronics here), but all in all it cost around $15, which is about £9.50 including shipping. I think this is pretty good value considering I have seen some selling for £20 in shops and they are not as attractive as these! There are literally thousands of skins to choose from so there is something for everyone, even if you just want a plain white skin.

Skins are essentially stickers and are therefore really easy to install. You simply peel them from the backing and place them on your phone. I also really like that it doesn't just cover the front and back but the sides also! You also receive a free matching background that blends in with the skin.

These skins are not just available for iPhones, but most other mobiles, laptops, iPads, Kindles, Wiis and much more! They really are a great way to jazz up that plain electronic that you are probably very bored of looking at. I know I get that way with phones..

They last a very long time, I just replaced mine as I wanted a change, but as you can see the other skin is still in good condition. Just place your old one back on the sheet they send you and you can save it for another time! Here is a picture of my old skin if you are interested.

Has anyone tried any skins before? What do you think of them?

Carissa XXX
P.S If you are interested in what my skins are called, the first is Violet Worlds and the second is Peacock Garden.


  1. Thanks for such great comments about our skins. You did choose very pretty designs.

  2. These Look so good. I like both of them. :)

  3. Wow these are so gorgeous

  4. They look awesome :) I've always thought they'd be tricky to apply, but look so pretty.


  5. Ive been umming and ahhing about trying these! Look fab though!

    Georgia |
    {dont forget to enter my giveaway!}

  6. Really nice stickers. I like the patterns and colours. Xxx

  7. Wow this is amazing! I was like NO WAY when I saw this. If I had an iPhone I'd def try this out



  8. Wow thats so cool! Love how it has a matching background. Wish I had an iphone now
    Charlotte Couture Blog

  9. These look great, very pretty the design you have chosen, all I need now is an iphone :) I will have to check out the site see if I own anything else I could pimp


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