Scandalous blusher - Accessorize Baked Blusher

29 May 2012

Firstly, apologies for my absence! I have been in Paris and away from home for the last few weeks, so I haven't had a chance to blog. Would you guys be interested in a Paris blog post with some pictures from my trip?

The other day I was on the hunt for a new blusher and I found myself in Superdrug taking up the 3 for 2 offer. I always find myself looking at the Accessorize baked blushers but have never really given them a go.

Accessorize Baked Blusher in Scandal - £4.50 Superdrug

Very similar to the MAC mineralize blushes, the Accessorize baked blusher have a lovey iridescent finish and come in a range of different colours. I went for 'Scandal', a pinky coral with a slight gold shimmer but as you can see, when applied it appears more like a berry colour. It is very pigmented, but can be applied with a light hand and built up to the desired colour and is also long lasting. The picture above shows a heavy swatch on the left and a blended swatch on the right. The packaging is very similar to their other products, which does the job! I find the butterflies are a cute touch.

At only £4.50 I truely think this is a high quality blusher for a very reasonable price. What do you think of their baked blushers? What other blushers would you recommend? I hope you are excited for the Jubilee weekend, I cannot wait for 4 days off work! I am also going on a Hen do to Brighton which should be fun :) What are you all up to?

Love Carissa XXX

300 followers and Skin Heroes Review - De Clog Nose Pore Strips and Break Out Mask

22 May 2012

Firstly, I have hit 300 followers!! I just want to thank you all so so much, I can't describe how thankful I am! It really means a lot to me that you like my blog enough to follow me, so thank you all :) I am thinking of holding a giveaway sometime in the near future, so keep an eye out for that!

Secondly, I was kindly contacted by Montagne Jeunesse to try out their new mask range called Skin Heroes. Now I have always been a big fan of their masks and so I was very excited to try their new range. The new range includes masks for all different skin types and is very different to most masks, as there are two stages. Firstly there is the mask, then there is a moisturiser to finish off the treatment.

My skin was playing up a little recently, so I decided to try out the break out mask along with the de clog pores strips.

"These ultra-deep cleansing nose pore strips use their super strength to draw out deep-rooted impurities for cleaner, less visible pores – infused with orange flower water with antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, witch hazel, and natural clay help to cleanse, absorb excess oil and open pores."
I have only tried a few nose strips before, so I do not have much to compare them to. However, the actual strip is much thicker than others and it is also much stickier and therefore does not take much water to attach it to your nose. It also has a slight fragrance (supposedly orange blossom, but I can't say I know what that smells like!), where as most others and not scented.

After 15 minutes off came the strip. I have to say it did not pull out as many blackheads as I had hoped, however as strange as it sounds my nose felt amazing! It was so soft and smooth that I honestly could not stop touching it. The pores around my nose also appeared smaller which is always a plus and so I really liked the product for this reason.

"This mud masque infusion has the power to help flush out blocked pores as well as calm, heal and refresh the skin - infused with anti-bacterial tea tree, calming witch hazel, and soothing Canadian willow herb. Follow with the super moisturiser, with tea tree and Canadian willow herb to help continue to tackle those problem areas."
After applying this mask to my skin I could feel it working instantly - there was a slight tingling feeling, which was not uncomfortable. Once removed, I applied the moisturiser which was very soothing. Overall my skin was left feeling calm ans refreshed, with problem areas looking a lot less intense.

They give you so much product in the mask and mosituriser, there is definitely enough in there for two applications. However because of packaging it is a little hard to save the product for another day, but I am sure it is possible.

These are available at Asda for just £1.49, or on their website where you can find out more about the skin care products. Something I must also mention, that I really think is great, is that they do not test on animals, all of their products are suitable for vegetarians and they always look to use natural ingredients.

Have you tried Montagne Jeunesse or their skin heroes range?

Love Carissa XXX

Me to You Handy Wipes

17 May 2012

80 Handy Wipes - Poundland

I popped into Poundland the other day to see if they had some nail polish and unfortunately I couldn't find anything decent. However, I did find these handy wipes. At first I thought these were face wipes, but after using it to remove my make-up I definitely wouldn't recommend them for that.

Firstly, these smell absolutely AMAZING! I think this is why they appeal to me so much as I love nice smelling products. They are decribed as orange scented, but I think they smell slighty more melon like. I like to use these to freshen up by either placing one on my face and patting slightly, or over my body. They are also nice hand wipes - especially handy at removing makeup swatches ;)

These are great to pop in your bag and last a long time with 80 in a pack You can't really go wrong for £1!

What other bargains have you found in poundland?

Carissa XXX

Beauty Swap with Nail Polish Anonymous

15 May 2012

Recently I had an amazing opportunity to do a beauty swap with the lovely Jessica at Nail Polish Anonymous and this is what I received.

Charlotte Russe Bangles

I absolutely love how these look on and I just love stacking bracelets, these are so me <3

Victoria Secrets Sexy Spring Eyes

I love that it includes how to 'get the look' and I cannot wait to create these different looks. The shadows are lovely and soft with a nice pigmentation so I am sure they will look great on!
Julep - Portia

I have to say I haven't heard of Julep before but I love this polish! The bottle is very unique and so is the colour. I cannot wait to try layering this with different polishes as it is just gorgeous.

Pretty and Polished - CCBB

Another one I haven't heard of but wow its gorgeous. I have never seen anything like this, I am definitely going to check out the other colours they sell!

EOS lipbalm - Strawberry

I was so excited to get this as I have been wanting to try EOS for a long time now. This is amazeballs. I love the shape, scent, texture, everything! It leaves my lips feeling nice and soft and will definitely be getting more of these.

If you would like to see what I got Jessica then head on over to her blog HERE. Be sure to check out her blog as it is amazing and she is such a lovely girl :) I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to Rachael at Island Girl Insights, she did such a great job at organising all of this :) It was a really fun opportunity and I really enjoy shopping for others, I just wish I could buy everything!

What do you think of what I received?

Love Carissa XXX

Bonjour Paris

Hey my lovelies,

I just wanted to make a quick post to say I am so glad you enjoyed the last post :) I will make it more of a frequent thing!

I am currently on my way to the airport as I am off to Paris for the week and unfortunately my phone won't let me reply to your lovely comments.

I have scheduled some posts, so fingers crossed they work. I will have Internet at the hotel so should be able to check every now and then!

Lastly, hello to the new followers I gained recently :)

Have a lovely week,

Carissa XXX

Sharing the Love

13 May 2012

So I see these kind of posts everywhere and always thought it was a such nice idea, but I never got around to doing one myself. So here it is, 3 blogs that I have been loving at the moment!

101 Fashion Street

Run by the lovely Anca - who I have to say is one of the nicest bloggers I have come across - 101 Fashion Street provides you with great tutorials and beauty reviews. I can honestly say I enjoy each and every post that Anca blogs about, definitely worth checking it out :)

Liana Beauty

Liana Beauty, by Amelia, is a relatively new beauty blog but you would not think that from the perfectly composed photos and blog posts. Amelia tends to review mostly high end brands, but do not let that put you off as she shows how they truely are worth paying more for.

Ellie's Favourite Things

Ellie runs this lovely little fashion blog with a mixture of outfit picture posts and fashion posts. I love her relaxed style that looks effortless yet stylish. Her blog is filled with pretty pictures and I really enjoy looking at the photos she shares!

I hope I have introduced some new blogs to some of you, let me know what you think!

Lots of Love

Carissa XXX


Do you have a secret?

7 May 2012

Hey Girls, I hope you are all enjoying a three day weekend! I certainly am :)
Every now and then I like to post non beauty blog posts, like today! I have been a big fan of Post Secret for a long time now and have even purchased one of the books. Post Secret is a place where people anonymously mail their secrets on a postcard and then they are uploaded online. It is really interesting to read the different secrets and sometimes it is nice to see some people share the same secrets as you!

Have you been on Post Secret before? If not, it is definitely worth a look! You could spend hours reading all the different secrets.
Love Carissa XXX

Magic Nail Polish Remover - Bourjois Paris

3 May 2012

I was kindly sent this product to try out and I am so glad that I was. Usually I over look these kind of products and think that nothing can beat your bog standard nail polish remover, but boy was I wrong. It was quick, easy and actually smells quite pleasant.

As you can see in the pictures, there is a hole inside the foam for you to stick your finger in, twist, and voila! I have to say I think the 1 second claim may be a little far fetched, in 1 second I am only able to twist my finger once, but after a few twists the nail polish is completely gone. I am able to remove all nail polish from my fingers in less than one minute, which is amazing considering quite often it takes me at least 5 minutes to get nail polish fully removed.

Not only is it great at removing nail polish, but it also has a special formula containing almond oil that works perfectly to nourish and help take care of your nails and cuticles. This meant my nails and cuticles did not feel dry after using the product, like it can with some nail polish removers. It is alsoparaben and acetone free, with a red fruit and vanilla fragrance, leaving your nails and fingers smelling lovely rather than of acetone. I couldn't smell much vanilla, but the red fruit is definitely there and it is not over powering in the slightest.

The Magic Nail Polish Remover is out now, priced at £4.99. Although this may be more expensive than most nail polish removers, it does not break the bank and you don't have to purchase cotton wool.

What do you think of the magic nail polish remover? Will you be trying it out?

Love Carissa XXX

NOTD - It's My Year

1 May 2012

So I haven't done a nail of the day in a long time, but I recently purchased this polish from Alice (Bright Town Girl) and absolutely love the colour. This is actually my first OPI purchase and I am sure it will be my first of many.

It's My Year is part of the 'Miss Universe' collection and is a gorgeous purple jelly base, with a gold shimmer and glitter, it really is such a unique colour. You can get away with 2 coats, but I used 3 to make it that little more intense.

I am wondering what it will look like layered over other colours, so I may try that out soon.

What do you think of It's My Year?

Love Carissa XXX
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