Alpha-h Liquid Gold

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Liquid Gold by Alpha-h has taken the beauty blogging world by storm recently. At £31.50 it is not cheap, but if any of the reviews are to go by it is worth every penny. I don't actually have the product yet, as I just ordered some tonight, so I cannot share my thoughts just yet - but I will do a full review once I have fully tried and tested it out.

So basically I just wanted to share an amazing offer that I found. Liquid gold appears to be sold out on many of the main websites that you are able to purchase it, however on QVC you are able to purchase full sizes of both the Liquid Gold and the Absolute Eye Complex (which also has amazing reviews) for just £32.45 including p&p! The RRP of both these products is £63, so this really is an amazing deal) So if you are interested get it HERE :)

If you would like to know more about this products A model recommends does a great review HERE.

Have you tried Liquid Gold or any products by Alpha-h?

Love Carissa XXX


  1. I managed to get hold of a bottle too, it arrived today! I paid £26 from Beauty Bay (they had 15% off over the Jubilee weekend). You got a great bargain here though, I've heard great things about the eye cream to!

    1. Thats a great deal too! You should definitely review it when you can :) xx

  2. Sounds like a miracle product based on the other review - I'm actually excited for you! I'll look out for the verdict :)

    I'm having a giveaway so feel free to pop over and have a look!

  3. Been flicking through your blog its lovely!

    Hope youll check mine out

    Gem xxx =)

  4. Oh pants.. bought mine a few days ago from Beauty Bay!
    Georgia |


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