A bit of Mystery Shopping

A few weeks back I participated in some mystery shopping for the first time! If you are not sure what mystery shopping entails, basically you purchase some goods from the specified retailer and then report back to the company about your experience. In this case, I am also going to share my experience with you guys!

Herbalife works a little like Avon, in that there are many representatives all over the country and also international. When you have decided what you would like to order, you ring up Herbalife (their number can be found on the website) and they will give you contact information for someone in your area. They will then take your order and deliver them to your house once they have recieved the products. You are not able to order online, unlike Avon, however this does not really pose any problems as I found the overall transaction to be relatively smooth.

Herbalife started in the 80's selling the "original" weight-loss programme. To this day this is still the focus of the company, but they have now expanded into other areas such as skincare and Energy products. I am mostly interested in their skincare products, as I have tried out their Nourifusion range which I absolutely love.

Herbalife Radiant C Range* - Facial Scrub Cleanser (£18.05), Daily Skin Booster (£24.70), Face Quencer (£7.15)
After deciding on what I would like to order, I contacted my local distributor called Darren and we talked through my order, discussed how to pay and when it would be delivered etc. I was unable to pay over the phone (I am unsure if this is the case for everyone) but you could pay through paypal, bank transfer or cash on delivery, so I opted for cash on delivery.

My only issue up to this point was that they do not prices on their website! After doing some research online (mostly through blog reviews) I was able to find prices for some products, but if you are unsure the best bet is to speak to your distributor as the prices do range depending on which range you purchase from.

I had a minor issue with delivery being later than expected, however this was down to a small misunderstanding. His wife went into labour the day my products were due to be delivered, so understandibly he could not deliver that day. After a few days he called back to set up another date to deliver but on that day he did not show up. After calling him back, it seems he thought he was meant to come later in the week,but instead he came the next day. So all in all it wasn't too much of an issue, just took a little longer then expected.

I cannot wait to give the products a try as I have loved some previous products I have tried by Herbalife, and I will do a full review after a few weeks. They also have a new range called the Herbal-Aloe range which also sounds amazing.

Have you heard of Herbalife, or tried any of their products?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Love Carissa XXX


  1. I really want to try out some Herbalife products as I keep hearing great stuff about them! This range looks lovely too :) xx

  2. What did you get paid and up to how much was reimbursed? I have done Estee Lauder for BestMark and it was always a good deal! I wish there were more retail shops for like clothes and other stuff like accessory shopping for mystery shoppers.

  3. really great prodects, thanks for the sharing,

  4. Thanks for sharing this post. It can be really useful for those who want to learn more about Herbalife and mystery shopping. Cheers!


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