New favourite wedges

As soon as I saw these wedges, I fell in love with them. Not only are they super fun for the summer, but they are also really comfortable. I wore them last night with some black skinny jeans and a black and white top and I had so many compliments about them - I also had no problem standing in them all night.

So I am guessing you want to know where they are from? Well, I rarely go in this shop but after seeing Kayleigh purchase some lovely clothes from there I thought I would pop over and have a look. This shop is Matalan! It has been years since I shopped in Matalan and it appears to have changed a lot. I am really impressed with the selection of clothes and shoes they carry, and their home ware is just so charming.

Onto the wedges, these were just £20 which I think is an absolute steal, especially since I think they look so much more expensive than £20! They are really well made in a soft suede and leather and although they are quite high, they have a platform so they do not feel as high. They also come in a blue and green colour block, which I really loved also - it took me a while to decide on which I should purchase. However I have always loved the clash of orange and pink together so finally opted for them.

Have you been to Matalan recently? What do you think about the wedges?

Love Carissa XXX


  1. They are BEAUTIFUL, i love the colours, they are so pretty!

  2. They are gorgeous! Can't believe they're from Matalan! x

  3. These are gorgeous! I would never have guessed they were from Matalan! :) x

  4. MATALAN?!?! *RUNS*! x

  5. These shoes look gorgeous! I love the bright colour, can't believe that they are from Matlan. x

  6. Those shoes are so pretty! I'm on the look out for some nude wedges for a wedding so I'll have to swing by Matalan - Only £20! x

  7. Wow, how gorgeous are these! I love the colours x

  8. they are lovely & summery! x

  9. These are gorgeous I love the colours :)

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  11. pretty! love the combo of hot pink and coral :)

  12. Gorgeous, I love mixing pink and orange together. I've been loving Matalan recently, I just picked up a 2 lovely pleated high-low skirts one in pink and one in mint green. :-)

  13. After buying stilettos for years, I finally realized that wedges are so much more comfortable! I love wedges :)


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