My Photo Ready Face

Firstly, summer has arrived (in the UK that is)!! Isn't it gorgeous today? I decided to blog from outside for once and its so nice to be sitting in the sun writing about what I enjoy the most. This is my current view and there is barely a cloud in the sky.

Recently I was a bridesmaid for my brothers wedding which meant there would be many a photo taken. As I am sure many of you are aware of, if you wear SPF on your face and have your photo taken it is quite likely you will appear ghostly white. The reason for this is that the SPF reflects the flash making you appear very pale.

After looking around, it appears that not many high end brands sell foundation without SPF, after all you should be wearing SPF on your face everyday. However for those special occasions it is necessary to go with out. I decided to try out some drug store brands and I found a great match. Rimmels Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation (£6.99) in True Nude not only lasts ALL day but it does not contain SPF. I decided to choose a colour slightly darker than my natural skin colour as my skin does tan during the summer, however as you can see from the swatches this colour blends like a dream. It seems that whether I have a tan or not, this colour blends in with my skin - always a bonus! I decided to mix this foundation with MAC's strobe liquid lotion as it is quite heavy for the summer, producing a lovely dewy finish.

As you can see in the photos, there are no ghastly white faces and I can confirm it lasted the whole day for around 14 hours. I know it does say it would last 25 hours, but in all honesty who wears their foundation for that long?! After many tears it was also still in place so I have to say Rimmel, I am very impressed!

What are your tips for a photo ready face?

Hope you are all enjoying the sun,

Love Carissa XXX


  1. Ah that's amazing, I want some!

  2. Clinique super balance is a great SPF free foundation x

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  4. I've heard a lot of great things about that Rimmel foundation, I do love a good drugstore bargain! The combination really does give you a good photoready face :) I like Myface cosmetics MyMix foundation for a photo face xxx

  5. The sky photo looks so lovely and so blue :) The weather has been so gorgeous lately although it's raining right now where I am. The foundation sounds brill

    Tanesha x


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