I'm Back!

5 Jan 2013


Hello lovely ladies,

So you may have noticed it has been a while since my last post.  Things have been a bit hectic since that post, making it very hard to find the time to blog :(  For starters, we have been looking for a place to live in London which was taking up a lot of time!

We have now found a lovely place in London and I am beginning to settle down, so having missed blogging so much I am going to make a return.  Unfortunately I do not have internet at the flat yet, and will not for the next 2 weeks, but I am going to take this time to write up lots of blog posts and hopefully make some changes :)

If you have any requests please let me know! If not I shall see you all in a few weeks.  I hope you all had a fantabulous Christmas and a very happy new year.  I am soso happy to be back in the blogging world, I have missed it and all of my lovely followers so much <3

Lots of Blogging Love

Carissa xxx
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