February Empties

I have always enjoyed writing these kind of posts, there is something weirdly satisfying about finishing a product don't you think? So here are my February empties!

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Smoother Primer (L)
When I first bought this product it instantly reminded me of Smashbox Photo Finish Prime.  It was so soft and primed my skin perfectly, but unfortunately that's all it did.  I found that my skin would start to look shiny a lot sooner than usual, and my skin is not oily by any means!  This also meant that my make-up did not appear to last any longer than when I do not wear primer.
Would I buy this again? Unfortunately I don't think I will

Benefit They're Real Mascara (R)
This is one of my favourite mascaras.  It is honestly amazing!  I think it takes a bit of getting used to, but once you have perfected how to use the wand your eyelashes will look extremely long.  This is quite a "wet" mascara, and therefore I did find that it would transfer very easily to below your eye and on your eye lid when first applied - so do be careful!
Would I buy this again? Yes, I already have!
The Body Shop Hand Cream : Cranberry Joy (L)
I believe this may be a Christmas special and therefore not available year round, however they do have many other scents available.  As a hand cream it was lovely, my hands were never too greasy once applied and they were left lovely and moisturised.  Unfortunately I found the smell too overpowering.  To get an idea of just how overpowering it is, I would often apply this at work and people sitting quite far began to say they could smell red wine! It is just a bit too sickly for me.
Would I buy this again? I would definitely try out other hand creams by Body Shop, but not this particular scent.

L'oreal Kids Mauo's Sweet Pear Tangle Tamer (R)
As far as tangle tamers go, this seemed to do the job fine.  It had a very sweet scent which after a while was a bit much and so I have moved onto another one to try.
Would I buy this again? I am neither here nor there for this product, so possibly.

Bourjois Paris Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder

Bourjois Paris Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder
This powder lasted me for such a long time (as you can see from the photo!) and at only £6.99 it is so worth it!  I purchased this in a lighter colour than usual so that I was able to wear it all year round to produce that natural glow.  It never looked muddy or orange and is definitely one of my favourites.
Would I buy this again?Yes!

Caudalie S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum (L)
I haven't really got into a routine of using serums yet so I don't think I can comment too much on this product.  I know a lot of bloggers loved this serum, but honestly I can't say I saw much difference.  Don't get me wrong, it was nice to apply, but I am not sure that it left my skin any more moisturised than when I did not use a serum
Would I buy this again?Unsure, I would possibly try another sample size again to make my mind up.

Soap & Glory Hand Food (R)
Yet another blogger favourite, and this time I agree! I wouldn't say it is my favourite hand cream but it is definitely one I go to quite a lot. It contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow and therefore leaves your hand feeling nice and soft. It has the most gorgeous smell, which I know you either love it or hate it.  I also love the little travel size as it is perfect for on the go.
Would I buy this again? Yes! I already have it in the full size version
Have you tried any of the above? If so let me know what you thought of them and if you would buy them again!

Lots of Love

Carissa xxx


  1. Ah I know what you mean about it being oddly satisfying finishing something up!

    I love the S&G handcream too (^__^)

    Also it's a good thing i read this, because I've been wanting to try that primer.. Going to steer clear of that because I don't want my T zone getting any oilier than it already is! x

    1. Yes, unfortunately I definitely wouldn't recommend it for people who have an oily T zone! xx

  2. I totally get it, I love love love emptying finishing a product!
    I really loved this post, really well written!
    Followed you! WOuld you mind following me? Would mean alot!

    1. Aw, thank you so much :) I am just checking out your blog now! xx

  3. The bourjois bronzer is my favourite! I find it can be quite dark, even if you use a light hand when applying, so it looks better when I have a tan but I love it and prefer it to high-end bronzers!

    Christina | Passion Obsession

    1. I agree! Although I am using Benefits Hoola bronzer which is also lovely xx

  4. Great post! I love the They're Real mascara! Lovely photos!

    I posted about my February Favourites today! xxx

  5. i agree, it's always so nice when you finish a product! i have too many to get through though (i impulse buy a lot!)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

  6. I love that Bourjois bronzer it smells amazing too xxx

  7. Definitely want to try Soap and Glory's handcream, always read such great reviews about it! The Bourjois bronzer also looks great for summer :) x

  8. I never got on with the Bourjois bronzer! I love S&G hand food though, smells delicious :)

  9. Lovely post!

    I worked in Boots over Christmas time and 'Benefit They're Real Mascara' was so popular, everyone came in to buy it, it's amazing!

    Amy x


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