Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer Review

30 May 2013

You may remember from my March beauty haul I purchased the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer. After hearing such glowing reviews I had high expectations and expected amazing results. This pinky tone silicone based primer is described as an invisible second skin that smooths over your pores and helps to create a flawless base.

I have always been a big fan of primer. I believe they are essential to any make-up routine. My favourite has been the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, however I am always looking to try new products. My main reasons for using a primer are to help create a flawless base and to help my make-up last a lot longer. As I suffer from dry skin I also need a primer that does not make those areas of my skin look flaky.

I ordered this online and was quite surprised when I received it - it is much smaller than I expected. I  I knew it was going to be small but it is tiny! Having said that, I have found that you do not need to use much at all as a little goes a long way.  I have been using it most days since purchasing and still have plenty left. In terms of packaging, Clarins have got it spot on!  I love that it comes in a jar rather than a tube, it looks like a miniature moisturiser.  It also comes with a small spatula if you do not wish to use your fingers, however I find fingers work perfectly.

When I first tried this primer I liked it but I didn’t love it. I just wasn’t wowed – maybe my expectations were too high? It wasn’t until I stopped using it for a few days I realised how much I actually liked it. Using this primer I find my make-up applied much easier, lasted all day and my skin did not appear shiny until the very end of the day.

Overall, I would highly recommend this primer for many different reasons. It has a smooth velvety texture (much like the L’oreal primer which personally I do not like as my skin got oily very quickly), my pores are less visible, my make-up did not look as though it is sitting on top of my skin and any excess oil was kept at bay – no wonder this is an award winning primer!

What is your favourite primer?

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Neal's Yard Remedies Healing Foods Bargain Alert

27 May 2013

After attending a Neals Yard Remedies event a few weeks ago I have been inspired to take more of an interest in my health and what I am eating, so when I saw this book in The Works for just £6.99 I had to snap it up! (RRP : £16.99)

This book looks at which ingredients are most beneficial, and how to optimise their potential.  There are also over 130 recipies which cover your different needs, eg. Women's Health, healthy liver etc.  I shall do a full review on it once I have had the chance to look through and try out some recipies. So, if you have been interested in this book then get yourself to The Works quickly as I am not sure how long it will be there!

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

24 May 2013

Fathers day has crept up on us once again (16th June in case you are wondering!).  It is that time of year where I, along with many others I am sure, struggle with ideas on what to buy my father. Not being the easiest person to buy for, I often buy the usual - clothes or chocolate. This year I have tried to think of some different or unusual gifts and so I have put together a few ideas for those who may also get stuck.

DAB Radio // £34 - I recently purchased a DAB radio for our Kitchen and they really are great. Not only can you listen to the radio but you can also insert your iPod/iPhone and listen to the music stored on there. I would highly recommend one if your dad enjoys listening to music

Golf day // Various - If your dad is a newbie to golf, how about golf lessons? I know this is something my dad would appreciate so he can improve his skills!  If not then a day out at golf would be greatly appreciated I am sure.

LED TV // Various - This is possibly slightly extravagent as a fathers day present, but hey if you are looking to spoil your father then an LED TV cannot go amiss.   Perfect for those times when your dad is kicked out of the living room as you and your mum are watching a girly film!

Personalised poster // £25 - I personally love personalised gifts and I think this is a really touching present.  You have the chance to add 6 lines of text - thanking your dad for whatever you like.  He will hang this on the wall with pride :)

Games Console Controller // Various - My dad is not much of a gamer, however I know if he was he would appreciate a new controller.  After a bit of time controllers begin to wear and the Gioteck controllers are well designed and they look a lot more attractive than your typical controllers!

Lunch at a luxury hotel - This is a favourite of mine. I don't often get to go to lunch or dinner with just my father and so I think this is a great way to treat him. Not only will he appreciate the great food but he will enjoy getting to spend some time with his *favourite* daughter ;)

Hotel Chocolat Slab // £15- As I said, this is an obvious present, however it is also a can't go wrong present! Hotel Chocolat has a great variety of chocolate and there is something for everyone. I highly recommend the chocolate slabs as they are relatively cheap (for Hotel Chocolat), are very tasty and they last a long time!

iPod Shuffle // £40 - This a particularly good idea if your dad goes to the gym.  You can even get it engraved for free with a loving fathers day message.  They come in a variety of colours so make sure you purchase his favourite!

Shaving Set // £12.50 - I love this. The shaving soap includes ingredients such as shea and cocoa butter and so is lovely and moisturising.  If your dad does like to take care of himself, I honestly think he would love this.

Cook him a meal // Various - If you do not have much money to spend then why not cook your dad a 3 course meal.  Make him a card and his favourite desert, and treat him like a king for the night.  And remember it's the thought that counts, so don't worry if you aren't the best cook in the world, he will love your effort.

What are you going to buy your father? I am still torn!

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May Clothing & Beauty Haul

20 May 2013

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I am officially an Auntie!! My sister in law went into labour on Friday and so I now have a little nephew.  We have never had a baby in the family and so it is very exciting for me, I have enjoyed lots of cuddles and feeding him.  Whilst at home I also went shopping and bought a few items which I wanted to share :)

So, Superdrug has 3 for 2 on all make-up and you can never turn down a free product!  I have heard great things about the Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer and was so happy to see it has finally hit UK shores! The Maxfactor Colour Adapt has been a favourite of mine for a while now, it gives amazing coverage and gives a nice glow.  Lastly, I got the Maybelline BB cream as I have wanted to try out a BB cream for a while now and this was my favourite after testing out a few on the back of my hand.   I will let you know my thoughts on all of these soon!

I also popped to Matalan as they always have some lovely pieces, and this trip did not disappoint.  As soon as I saw this clutch I fell in love! It looks like something you may find in Accessorize, but for half the price! I love the colours and cannot wait to get some use out of this.

I also popped into Debenhams, where they had 20% off at Miss Selfridge.  I absolutely love this skirt however I am not sure how I would wear it so it is currently in my unsure pile.  Saying that I am sure I will keep it as it really is such a pretty skirt for the summer time. 

 Purple skirt £10.00  //  Patterned Trousers £16.00  //  Hairband £3.00

Onto Primark I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit and I am so glad I did!  Firstly, the skirt is another one in my unsure pile.  However, I think if I find the right kind of top to wear with it I may just like it!  Secondly, I bought these patterned trousers and they are so nice.  I think they will take a bit of getting used to, however I love the design and they fit perfectly.  They are also great quality, something I could imagine seeing in Zara. Lastly, I found this pretty hairband for just £3.00. I just couldn't pass it up!

Reebok EasyTone Top £10.00

Lastly, I popped into TKMaxx on the hunt for a new gym top and I found this beauty.  I completely ignored it at first as it was a medium and I am a small, however not having much choice I thought I would try it on.  It is double layered, and the top underneath is tiny whereas the top layer is long enough to cover my bum if I am feeling a bit self conscious in my leggings.  The EasyTone range is meant to help create resistance as you move and is designed to tone key muscles and improve posture - we shall see!

What shops have you been loving at the moment?

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Trouble Sleeping?

15 May 2013

Ok so this is a bit of a different blog post, however, I am hoping that if anyone else has this problem then this post may be of help! As you may know I moved house in the New Year to a lovely new flat in London.  The first night my boyfriend had a terrible nights sleep as he could hear someone snoring. Me being a light sleeper, managed to sleep through this and didn’t really think much of it. That was till the second night and come 11.30pm there was rather annoying loud drone coming from the flat below.

After multiple nights of not only struggling to get to sleep, but also being woken up in the middle of the night to this awful noise, I remembered I had bought some ear plugs a while back. These were just a cheap purchase from Superdrug and unfortunately I struggled to get them to stay in my ear. So I went on a hunt for some new ear plugs. After researching thoroughly I found Mack's Soft Foam Slim Fit Earplugs which are designed for smaller ear canals, which supposedly most women have. I have no idea how you know if you have smaller ear canals, apart from trial and error whereby other ear plugs do not stay in! Anywho, I found a set for £3.69 so I purchased them to try.

Once they arrived I tried them that evening and I was pleasantly surprised as to how easy they were to insert.  They were also very comfortable, stayed in for the majority of the night, and most importantly they blocked out the snoring! I was finally able to sleep through the night without being woken up by the dreadful snoring. I would highly recommend these if you do suffer from restless nights from any type of noise, I even struggle to hear my boyfriend when he is talking to me with them in!

Have you ever had to deal with noisy neighbours, whether it is snoring or other types of noise? I would love to know how you deal with it!

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Vichy Purete Thermale Soothing Eye Make-up Remover

11 May 2013

The Vichy Purete Thermale Soothing Eye Make-up Remover is formulated for both sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.  Now I fall into the sensitive eyes category, so this review will be based around this.  For as long as I can remember I have suffered from sensitive eyes and many products would irritate them and often make them sore.  Enriched with soothing Vichy Thermal spa water, cornflower water and Pro-Vitamin B, this product aims to not only remove your make-up but to reduce the appearance of fatigue around the eyes.

In terms of removing your make-up this product is fantastic. I layer my mascara on and so it can be a bit of a pain to remove, however with this product I just put some on a cotton pad, apply to the eye for around 15 seconds, then wipe to remove (there is no need to rub).  It is very gentle and does not irritate my eyes, nor is it drying or leave an oily residue.  It is very soothing and therefore leaves you feeling awake and refreshed and it also has a light fresh scent which is very pleasant. 

Overall I am very impressed and will certainly be re-purchasing this.  At £8.70 it is quite expensive, however it's not going to break the bank.  I believe you can also pick this up in boots, but it is £10.00.

What is your favourite eye make-up remover?

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Bourjois Cream Blush

8 May 2013

I am so happy that many of you enjoyed my last post, look out for some similar posts on my collections :) Following on with the blusher posts I just wanted to share with you the Bourjois Cream blushes that are about to be launched.
I am most intrigued to try these out as they are not like your typical cream blush. Once the cream comes into contact with your skin it transforms into a light and velvety powder - this means the blending process is much easier than your usual cream blush helping you to achieve a lovely natural glow to your cheeks.

There are currently 4 colours which will be great for summer and as it is a cream blush, these tend to have longer staying power. Each blush is enriched with poppy, apricot and mango extracts to ensure your skin stays comfortable, healthy and soft to touch.

If you are wanting to pick them up yourself, they are available from Selfridges now or from Boots, Superdrug and ASOS for just £7.99 from the 15th May. I know I can’t wait to pick one up!

What are your thoughts?

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My Blush & Bronzer Collection

5 May 2013

Hello lovelies, for those of you in the UK - I hope you are enjoying the Bank Holiday Weekend and the lovely weather we are having :) So, ever since I can remember I have been a big fan of blush and my collection has grown rapidly over the past few years. After going through and chucking some oldies I thought why not post my collection!
L - R : MAC Mineralize Blush Gentle, Clarins Aglow, Sleek Rose Gold, Chit Chat Plum (mixed together)

Of these four I tend to wear the MAC and Sleek blush the most.  They are quite similar with a small hint of shimmer, and both long lasting. The Clarins blush has lived in my make-up draw for a while now and doesn't seem to get much use, however after swatching it I think I may try and get more use out of it! Chit Chat Plum was a cheap purchase from Poundland and was surprisingly nice! It isn't the longest lasting blush, however it does last a fair amount of time and looks lovely on the cheeks.

 L - R : ELF unsure, ELF Tickled Pink, Accessorize Shade 3, Accessorize Scandal

The Accessorize blushes are some of my favourites! They have a lovely texture, are long lasting and apply like a dream. These two especially have been used frequently since being purchased and are up there as my favourites. Unfortunately I am unsure of the name of the ELF blush on the far left, but this blush has a lot of shimmer so I do not tend to wear it too often. Tickled pink is a bit of a dud as it does not show up very much, the above swatch is after four or five swatches!

L - R : NYX Cream Blush Glow, Maybelline Dream Touch Unsure, Bare Minerals Joyous Jennifer, Mica Bella Terra Cotta, No.7 Mineral Perfection Rose Pink

After hearing so much about about NYX cream blush I couldn't help but purchase one! The texture is great, however I am not so sure that I chose the best colour. I find it quite hard to blend in and I often look like a clown! The Maybelline cream blush was a firm favourite last summer, it looks great with a tan. Both Bare Minerals and No.7 Mineral Perfection are my favourite loose blushes and they will defintitely be replaced once I run out. Lastly, I haven't tried the Mica Bella blush yet, but it will definitely get some use this summer.

L - R : ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Prowder Warm Tan, ELF Contouring Blush Bronzing Powder, Benefit Hoola

Of these bronzers I used Benefit Hoola daily. Both the ELF bronzers are too dark for me at the moment and the one on the far left is just far too shimmery, however they are likely to look better when I have a tan.

Lastly I bought this 10 blush palette from E-bay and I have been pleasantly surprised. I have my favourites and have found they last surprisingly long! I would recommend trying these blushes, especially as it only cost me around £5.

What is your favourite blush?

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Sanctuary Winnings

1 May 2013

I was lucky enough to win a competition a few weeks ago and the prize was a £100 worth of sanctuary products, which included the £75 pamper hamper and 4 other products. First impressions were just how many products you receive in the £75 pamper hamper and how much variety there is.  It is a great choice of products, allowing you to try out a range of different products! You can also purchase a £30 or £50 pamper hamper which would make a great present for any Sanctuary lovers.

I have only tried a handful of Sanctuary products, one of my favourites being the brightening moisturiser so it was a pleasant surprise to receive the Brightening Facial In a Box. I cannot wait to give them all a try, so look out for some reviews to come! I am especially excited about the skin care and body products.

What are your favourite Sanctuary products?

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