Sanctuary Winnings

I was lucky enough to win a competition a few weeks ago and the prize was a £100 worth of sanctuary products, which included the £75 pamper hamper and 4 other products. First impressions were just how many products you receive in the £75 pamper hamper and how much variety there is.  It is a great choice of products, allowing you to try out a range of different products! You can also purchase a £30 or £50 pamper hamper which would make a great present for any Sanctuary lovers.

I have only tried a handful of Sanctuary products, one of my favourites being the brightening moisturiser so it was a pleasant surprise to receive the Brightening Facial In a Box. I cannot wait to give them all a try, so look out for some reviews to come! I am especially excited about the skin care and body products.

What are your favourite Sanctuary products?

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  1. Lucky thing! I don't have a favourite of their products but occasionally when my mum has any I use them and really like them x

  2. Lucky you, looks like a fantastic prize :)

  3. Congrats on winning this, it looks amazing!!!

  4. Oh my these looks awesome! I need to start entering competitions again


  5. Wow you’re so lucky. You can always count on sanctuary for quality. I've had gift sets bought for me before and have been really pleased with the products :) xx

    Helen @

  6. I tried the 5min thermal detox mask the other night. And oh golly was it an experience. It gets so warm and feels so nice on the skin! Worked a treat too. Enjoy x


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