L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow - 002 Hourglass beige

20 Jun 2013

Hello Lovelies, I am really sorry about my absence recently, I have been so busy and my life has been pretty hectic! However I am here with a new post :)  Recently my mum had a clear out of her make-up and gave me the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in 002 Hourglass beige. I had been eyeing up the Infallible eyeshadows for a while now, so I was very pleased to receive one!

Although the Infallible eyeshadows is a powder shadow, I would describe it more as a compressed loose powder that when applied looks like a cream eyeshadow. It comes in a clear plastic pot, which I find very useful as you can see what colour it is without having to open the pot. It also contains a black insert to keep the shadow compressed if it becomes loose.

My first thoughts were just how extremely soft this eyeshadow is and what great pigmentation it has (as you can see from the swatch, which is just 1 layer). For application I found it is best to use your fingers, when using a brush it doesn't apply very well at all and will often crumble the product. You can also apply it wet to provide an even more intense colour.  This particular colour is great as a highlighter under the brow, or even all over the lid to brighten up your eyes. I have found myself wearing this when I do not have much time to apply eyeshadow as it looks great by itself and saves time.

Overall I thoroughly reccomend this product, I can't think of a bad thing to say about it. I have not had an issue with any fall out, which can be a problem with loose eyeshadows and it does not crease. They have also been likened to the Gerogio Armani Eyes to Kill Shadow which cost £26, £19 more than the infallible range!

What are your thoughts on the Infallible eyeshadows? Are there any colours you would highly recommend?

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Shiseido The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge Review

11 Jun 2013

If I am honest, I find reviewing skin care an odd one.  Everyone has very different skin and so products can work very differently on each individual.  Having said that, I find that reviews do help to give you an idea of what the product is like and how it works for a particular type of skin.  This review is therefore tailored towards those who have normal to dry skin.

I purchased my first ever Marie Claire magazine to try out the Shiseido The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge which is described as a multi-action nighttime revitalizer that counteracts signs of daytime damage and delivers intensive hydrating benefits to skin while you sleep. Restores softness, smoothness, and a healthy-looking glow. 

It is quite rare for me to be wowed by a moisturiser, I often find they are just OK.  However, when I tried this for the first time I was definitely wowed.  I found that overnight my skin transformed from dry and dehydrated to soft, hydrated and even glowing - it literally feels as if my skin has absorbed all of the moisture.  You only need to apply a small pea sized amount, or if you are looking for a super intense treatment you can apply a larger amount and allow it to soak in through the night.

The full size product comes in a lovely sleek frosted glass container (like above but larger) and includes a pump, which is much more hygienic than your typical moisturiser tub.  It's consistency is very similar to a lotion but thicker, and it has a slight scent which is not over powering.  I would recommend using this moisturiser at night only as it is very rich, and so may be a bit much to use both morning and night.

The Night Moisture Recharge comes in three different versions; light, regular and enriched, with this one being regular.  If you suffer from dry or dehydrated skin I honestly believe this product is a must have.  The only downside to this product is unfortunately the price - coming in at £48 for 75ml.  However, I truly believe that a good skin care routine is essential to creating a good base for your make-up and therefore think if something works for you it is worth paying more for.  It is safe to say I shall be purchasing the full size product.

Have you tried any Shiseido products?

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Wahanda - Discounted Beauty and Wellness Treatments

8 Jun 2013

Hello girlies (and boys if I have any male readers!), I hope you have been enjoying the sunny week we have had here in the UK! It feels like summer may have finally arrived? However, now that I have said that what's the betting the weather turns horrible.

I have recently been loving the website Wahanda. Now, if you have never been on this website and are a lover of anything health, beauty and fitness then I thoroughly recommend you go and check it out now.  On Wahanda you can find huge discounted prices for hair cuts, highlights, facials, manicures, body wraps, personal training sessions all around the UK...the list goes on!  Often you can find discounts of up to 60% or even 70% which is an amazing deal.

What is even better is that for the majority of treatments you are able to book your appointment there and then, making life a lot easier! A word of warning though, I would not advise booking a last minute treatment through Wahanda.  Unfortunately the appointments that you see on Wahanda are not necessarily the appointments that are available.  A few times now I have booked my hair in to be highlighted, only to receive an e-mail a few days before the booked date stating that they have no available appointments - which is very frustrating. So make sure you book a few weeks in advance (this may not be the case for all treatments, but most certainly hair).

Before you book, I would also say make sure you read the "Good to Know" section on the treatment you wish to purchase.  The majority of offers are for new clients only, and it will also mention any extra costs here (for example if you are wanting highlights, there may be an added cost for long hair).

As you may be able to tell, I have only used Wahanda to book into a hairdressers.  However, I think I am going to treat myself a little to some things that I may not usually do.  After all, who can say no to a discount!

Have you purchased through Wahanda before?

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Lucy Mecklenburgh Cobalt Blue Dress

3 Jun 2013

Ok Ok I admit it, I am a bit of a sucker for TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex for those of you who don't watch it!).  If you were watching The Only Way is Marbella last night you will have seen Lucy Mecklenburgh in the most gorgeous cobalt blue dress.  I absolutely love the combination of the blue lace on top of the nude background along with the blue ribbon around the waist.

The Three Floor shades of Blue dress is unfortunately sold out for the time being, but is supposedly going to be back in stock this month. Unfortunately it will set you back £168, but isn't it just gorgeous?

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