Max Factor False Lash Effect 24 Hour Mascara Review

22 Jul 2013

A few months back I took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer that Boots were holding on all their make-up and purchased a new mascara. As I had always been a fan of the original Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara and the Fusion version I thought I would try out the Max Factor False Lash Effect 24 Hour Mascara.

After a few trials, I found that I really could not get on with it. I really tried my best to like this product, giving it a rest and coming back to it, but it wasn’t working. There are multiple things I do not like about this product, one being the wet formula. I am not usually one to moan about a mascara being too wet but this product just seems to take forever and a day to dry. I often end up with black marks on my eyelids, below my eyes and wherever my eyelashes wish to touch!

Secondly, it is VERY difficult to remove!! Now some people may like the idea of “permanent” mascara, and it does have truly amazing staying power, however because of this it is VERY difficult to remove. I have used many different products and nothing seems to remove all of the mascara.

Lastly, it does nothing for my lashes. The promise of 'bold volume' is nowhere to be seen, the false lash effect is most certainly not on show and quite frankly my eyelashes look limp and lifeless. In my opinion this was a waste of £12.

What mascaras would you avoid?

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Summer Essential - Soap & Glory Heel Genius

13 Jul 2013

With the nice weather we have been having recently, I have been living in sandals and flip-flops and after just a few days my feet are already suffering.  My heels are dry, sore and generally unpleasant. I decided enough was enough and thought it was about time I tried the Heel Genius that had been sitting in my cupboard for a while. 

When squeezing the tube I was very surprised for a blue gel like substance to come out (I was expecting more of a cream), however it applies very much like a cream. Once applied it is very refreshing, especially with the minty scent, likely to come from its refreshing & moisturising ingredients allantoin, glycerin, macadamia oil, menthol, bilberry, orange and lemon fruit acid smoothers. 

For the most effective results, Soap & Glory suggest applying a thick layer before you go to bed and slipping on some cotton socks to let it soak in overnight or you can use it as a foot cream.  You will find it leaves a small film on your feet, so it can be slippery if you walk around afterwards, but this will sink in eventually.

After the first application my feet were already looking much better and after a few more days of using the product they were beginning to look more like normal (this was when using it as an overnight treatment). Even if you only have time to apply this once a week, you will see a difference and a small amount goes a long way. To speed up the process you could pair it with a pumice stone or a foot file to help remove the dead skin.

How do you keep your feet silky smooth in the summer?

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Glastonbury 2013 Picture Diary

6 Jul 2013

If you are wondering where I have been the past week or so I have been camping in a field, drinking lots of cider and watching live music. If you have not guessed it, I have been at Glastonbury. Unfortunately I did not have time to schedule any posts so it has been a little quiet on my blog the past week or so, naughty me I know. While I get myself back on track, catch up on some sleep and generally sort my life out, here is a photo diary of what I got up to at Glastonbury!

After arriving at the site at 6am and queuing for a couple of hours, we finally had our tent pitched by 9am. We spent the first 2 days exploring the festival, and the other 3 days watching music and exploring even more. Being over 900 acres in size there is so much to see at Glastonbury, you could spend the whole 5 days doing everything but watching music and still have an amazing time.

Come Friday the music started and not to go into too much detail on this photo diary we managed to see some amazing acts, including Mumford & Sons, The Arctic Monkeys, The Rolling Stones, Ben Howard, Alt-J, The Foals and many many more. In the evenings we often ended up in Shangri-la (a dystopian world) or at Arcadia which is described as involving mind boggling acrobatics, world class DJs and gigantic laser blasting, flame-throwing sculptures (see picture 1).

We were lucky enough to have pretty amazing weather this year, it only rained for half a day and the rest was pretty hot. This was my second time attending Glastonbury, my first was with my boyfriend and this year there were 17 of us - so they were both very different experiences to say the least. I cannot recommend Glastonbury enough, there is something for everyone, of all ages and all music taste and it is honestly one of the best 5 days you will ever experience.

P.S I have kept out personal pictures as I am not sure my friends would want their pictures on here, I hope you still like the pictures!

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