October Empties

These months really are whizzing by, I cannot believe it is time for my October empties already! I have used up a lot of products that I have loved this month, which is sad but means that I can go out and buy more :) I appear to have gone through quite a bit of skin care which I am actually very happy about as my skincare cupboard is over flowing with products!  

The Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face wash (£18.40) is the first product I have tried from Bliss and what a great first product it was. It smells amazing, it is so refreshing and lovely to use in the morning. My skin can be quite sensitive yet this does not irritate it one bit and leaves my skin clean and soft. Would I buy these again? Most definitely

If you are after a delicate scrub which can be used daily, then the Elemis Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash (£12) is the one for you. I however am quite indifferent, I use an exfoliant once a week and I wash my face everyday, so do I really need this product? I don’t think so… Having said that, it is lovely, it cleans my face well and is very gentle. Would I buy these again? Possibly if it was on offer.

Every now and then I like to buy face wipes for when I am feeling lazy. The Simple Face Wipes (£2.99) are great for sensitive skin and they do not contain alcohol or oil so they are not going to dry your skin out. These face wipes are full of moisture and very soft, so it does not feel like they are tugging at your skin and they leave you feeling nice and refreshed. Would I buy these again? Yes.

This is my second bottle of Bioderma (£4.50) and I absolutely love it. I have yet to try any other micellar water, however I am tempted by the L’Oreal one which is a fraction of the cost. If you are ever in Paris, make sure you head to the City Pharma pharmacy where you can pick up large Bioderma bottles for very cheap. Would I buy these again? Without doubt

I reviewed the Nourifusion Toner in dry to normal (£14.05) over a year ago now and I have finally got through this beast of a bottle. I actually really liked it and would definitely recommend. It is not drying in the slightest and leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. To read my review, see here. Would I buy these again? Yes

I wrote a full review on the Vichy Soothing Eye Make-up Remover (£10.25) here and my thoughts still stand! Since finishing this product I have replaced it with the No.7 eye make-up remove (see review here) and what a mistake that was. I cannot wait to purchase this again. Would I buy this again? YES!

My mum introduced me to the Olay Regenerist Replenishing Cream (£21.99) and it has become my favourite daily affordable night cream. It is such a nice consistency that when applied it sinks in straight away and there is no residue left on the skin. It is quite a rich moisturiser which I why I use it at night, but I can definitely see and feel a difference when using this. Would I buy this again? Yes, definitely!

I received the Vichy Idealia Moisturiser (£22.75) in a Glossy Box and unfortunately it really wasn't right for my skin. It didn't do much for my skin and my make-up did not apply well at all, it looked patchy and actually felt quite dry. It's a shame as I do like Vichy, but I am sure another will suit my skin better! Would I buy this again? No

I got the Hello Kitty Liberty Bath Bubbles in a gift set at Christmas and in terms of the actual product it has a nice scent, lathers up well and my skin generally feels soft after, but it was nothing special. I am in love with the packagaing though – such a lovely design. Would I buy this again? I would for the packaging

When you next go into The Body Shop, smell the Satsuma Shower Gel (£4) - it smells amazing. It is very uplifting in the morning and I can still smell it when I am out of the shower, I can see why it is a best seller. I am not sure what else to say other than try it if you like fruity scents!! Would I buy this again? Most definitely

The Vaseline Aloe Sensitive Deodorant (£1.95) is ok as far as deodorants go. I do like the scent, it is. Ice and fresh, and it does leave my feeling refreshed for a good part of the day, however my favourite is still the Sure Maximum Protection, which I reviewed here. Would I buy this again? Only if I couldn't get hold of the Sure deodorant. 

The YSL Shocking Mascara (£23.50) is amazing and up there as one of my favourites, along with the Lancome Baby Doll Mascara. It lengthens, volumises and seperates lashes, which is all that I look for in a mascara. Once applied, my eyes appear more open and I also find it lasts a lot longer than your average mascara. Would I buy this again? Yes, when I am looking to treat myself!

What products have you used up this month and what have you been loving?

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  1. I've been wanting to get the YSL Shocking Mascara and now that i've heard its an amazing product I definitely will be purchasing, great post!:)

    Cariad x

  2. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work ♡

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  3. i still need to try me some bioderma!

    check out my giveaway

  4. A lot of people rave about the Simple wipes but I didn't really love them xx

  5. The Satsuma scent from The Body Shop is one of my favourites, I bet the shower gel was really nice :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  6. I picked up a Bioderma in Croatia and I've nearly ran out now. It's so good I will definitely be repurchasing. xx

    A Scholar Life

  7. i prefer drugstore mascaras!

    zofia xo

  8. I nominated you for a Sunshine Award!

  9. still needing to get my hands on bioderma!


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