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More boots you say? Well, this Christmas I am hoping for a pair of knee high boots, in particular some riding boots. I have yet to make up my mind on which colour I would like (I think I want black but I keep seeing some tan/brown boots I like), but I know that I want a riding boot style.  I have a budget of around £100 and this is what I have found so far!

If you are looking for boots that have a bit of give, both Clarks and Next do wide and extra wide boots. I often find that some boots are a bit too snug and are made for the slimmest of legs! I am loving the look of the Steve Madden pair, and I especially love the Vince Camuto pair but having tried on the M&S pair yesterday - I also really like those!  If only I could order them all...

Which are your favourite pair?

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  1. Gorgeous post and choices! I never used to like riding boots but I love them this season, gorgeous picks xx

  2. theyre all gorgeous! I bought some from m&s the other day but im not sure if the leg holes are too big arghhh xx

  3. Loooove riding boots esp brown leather ones! I got a fab pair in Montreal in Sept and they go with everything! Win! xxx

  4. Lovely choices. :)
    I too HATE boot shopping.. purely because, I don't have legs like match sticks! I've tried some 'wide' versions too, on the high street, and to be honest, they're not much better!
    Hope you have better luck!

  5. I'm really loving this riding boot trend at the moment :) I would love to have some black ones for this Winter! xx

  6. I love them all! I think i need to get a brown pair for this winter!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  7. Love them all! I've already got a brown pair might go for the black one :)


  8. They are all so nice but I absolutely love the M&S ones x


  9. I love all of them! I just don't have the money to buy them all :(

    Thanks for the link via Twitter! really liked the blog

    Roxilicious82 @ Simply Roxilicious!

  10. I really love the Vince Camuto ones! gorgeous colour and gold detailing, can't go wrong :)

  11. I love all of these, I don't think I can actually pick a favourite! Although I need to invest in a pair for winter.

    Hmm maybe...

  12. I LOVE boots. They're my weakness. I've been buying more and more ankle boots recently but all these riding boots are so gorgeous, maybe I should branch out on my boot length!
    Found your blog in the Twitter chat, now following xx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog


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