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I always find when I am on holiday my hair is so much softer than usual, coming from a hard water area I find myself longing for that holiday hair! Area H2O have come up with an ingenious idea of producing different shampoo & conditioner formulations for different water types.  I was asked to take part in the Area H2O challenge which involved using the products over two weeks and posting my results.  As I live in London I have been trialling the Hard Water Shampoo and Conditioner for coloured hair. 

In hard water areas there are more minerals present, these react with your shampoo to form mineral deposits that cling to your hair and can be very damaging. In soft water areas you may find your hair is very slippery, meaning it is very hard to manage. Area H20 shampoo works just like a magnet, attracting these ions and therefore leaving your hair much cleaner, smoother and shinier.

Anyway, enough of the science mumbo jumbo – what did I really think? After using both the shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks now I can safetly say I am uber impressed. As someone who suffers from greasy roots and dry ends I often find that I stick to the same hair products, otherwise my hair can have a hissy fit and become ultra greasy. However using these, my hair stays cleaner for longer, my roots do not get greasy after just one or two day and my hair is super shiny which is usually hard work for blonde hair!

The first time I used them it was a bit “meh” but apparently this is normal as the shampoo is removing all the mineral ions. It wasn't actually until the second or third use that I began to notice a real difference.  Now I find that after repeated use my hair feels soft, lightweight and does not tangle as much as usual. I also noticed a huge improvement with my scalp (which usually is usually dry and sensitive in the winter months) when using these products.

The shampoo is quite thick and I find it does not lather up as much as I would like, however it still does a very good job at cleaning my hair and removing product build up. The conditioner on the other hand has quite an unusual consistency, it is quite runny and I therefore feel as though I have to use more than usual, but it is just as moisturising as other thick conditioners I have used. The scent for both is very subtle, nothing too overpowering, but nice and refreshing.

These products may be more expensive than your average shampoo and conditioner, however I honestly think they are worth the extra money - I shall definitely be repurchasing! They have designed a range of shampoo and conditioners for soft, medium and hard water, all available for coloured hair or normal/fine hair.

What do you think about using a different shampoo depending on the water type you live in?

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  1. Sounds like something which would be really helpful for me!!
    And your hair looks lovely, soft and thick! xx

  2. Sounds interesting...I know some posh celebs only wash/rinse their hair with evian water!!

  3. God these sound really good! I spend half my year in hard water and the other half in soft water! wrecks havoc with my hair! must look into this xo

  4. This sounds like a great idea - if you can get different teabags for hard/soft water then why not shampoo!


  5. Ooh these sound great, I'm at uni in Exeter which is a soft water area but when I go home for the holidays, I'm back in London where the water is hard, it wreaks havoc with my hair! I'll definitely have to hunt these down and give them a go :) thanks for sharing! x x


  6. I love the idea of that. The results look good. x

  7. Wow these sound so interesting, I definitely agree with water as I always notice the difference when I'm down in London.



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