Christmas Gift Idea 1 : Wholesome Bling Fabric Watch

Blogging over the Christmas period is proving to be a little difficult! What with work being very busy, and all the Christmas parties, it leaves little time to actually blog. This therefore means I am bit late on the Christmas gift guide wagon, however I just had to share this idea with you.

I was recently contacted by a company called Wholesome Bling and asked if I wanted to try one of their watches. I instantly built up an image in my head of a blingy watch that was OTT, and I couldn't have been more wrong! Wholesome bling watches are beautiful hand made fabric watches that come in a variety of designs and sizes.  The fabric is hand pasted onto the dial so you will not find two that are the same.  It took me a while to decide on my favourite design, but I finally chose the purple glitter one.

When the watch arrived it was beautifully packaged in a jam jar with ribbon. At first I tried putting it on my wrist without reading the instructions and failed miserably. As shown in the photos you need to pull the fabric behind the face to make a gap for your wrist, then tie it around your wrist. As I have quite a small wrist I find there is still a bit of fabric left so I just tuck it underneath the strap, but it can also be left out.  It is extremely comfortable and I do not have any problems with it ever untieing.

What I love most about this watch is just how unique it is, I have never seen anything like it - I have had multiple compliments on this watch as it is so eye catching and different.  I think this would make a great little present at Christmas and they are so affordable too! They come in 2 sizes, £22 for a small watch and £24 for a large watch and they currently have 10% off to celebrate the launch of their new website if you enter New10%off at the checkout. 
What do you think of these beauties?

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  1. I defiantly know people that would love it, however I'm not sure if its for me! Lovely idea though. x

  2. Wow this is so great, I love how the watch comes in a jam jar, it makes it super cute. Such a unique watch, really like it. I love your blog, I think it's great! x

  3. i love the packaging it arrived in. It is a very unique idea, but would be perfect for certain people.


  4. This is a lovely product! It's such a pretty product, which is stylish and functional! x

  5. Such a clever idea!

    Emma x

  6. I have been looking for something like this for such a long time! I know Primark did some and New Look too a while ago but I didn't like the designs, I really love this one! Also love how it arrives in a jar, so sweet! xx


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