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Firstly, this is my 200th post! I remember when I hit 100 posts and I couldn't believe I had posted so many time - it seems so long ago now! Any who, I don’t know about you, but I have a real love hate relationship with washing my hair. I obviously love having nice clean hair, but I hate the process of having to brush and dry my hair. My hair gets so tangled, even when using a tangle teezer, that I am sat there ripping brushing my hair for a good 10 minutes and then a further 10/15 minutes drying it. I therefore try and get away with washing my hair every three days, however on day two I can see signs of oiliness and by the third day my hair really begins to suffer.

Klorane Nettle Shampoo is a deep cleansing hypoallergenic shampoo that helps to battle oily hair by re-balancing the oil in your hair. It contains a key ingredient – scopoletine (which is the extract from nettle) which slows down the creation of sebum and regulates the production of it, therefore extending the time needed between washes. This is just what I need!

The packaging is nothing special but the shampoo itself more than makes up for this. It is a bright green colour and it has a very pleasant smell – quite herbal; refreshing and not overpowering. It has a very runny consistency, which unfortunately does not lather up very easily and I therefore end up using more than is probably necessary, but I am very happy with the results so this is not a massive issue.

Since I have introduced this shampoo into my hair routine I have been able to get away without using dry shampoo. On day two my hair still looks freshly washed and on day three I rarely need to use dry shampoo. It is not drying at all; my hair is still full of moisture and shine and I love the way it makes my hair look. Although the shampoo claims to help detangle your hair, I am afraid to say my hair was no less knotted than usual, which is a shame.

This is currently on offer at £4.50 (usually £6.00) which is a fab price! What do you use to make your clean hair last longer?

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  1. Ooh, this sounds interesting! I actually end up with oil on my roots in the evening of the day after I've washed my hair, and I couldn't ever sleep two nights on my hair and go out without washing it, so this sounds like it'd be great for me.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  2. I struggled to get this to work for me but I'm glad it worked for you :) The concept of this shampoo is really great, anything that prolongs hair washing sounds good to me!
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  3. This sounds great, my hair definitely needs some re balancing, so thanks for sharing- affordable price too xxx

  4. This sounds fab, great price too! I put my hair through a lot so I like giving it some tlc xox

    Kirsty : Tartan Bones

  5. This is so cool! i remember trying their dry shampoo and LOVED it! Thanks for sharing! I am following on Bloglovin'! So glad I found you through the #bbloggers chat today!

  6. Fantastic review! I will definitely be trying this product as I am always looking for ways to make my hair 'last longer' between washes. My hair is so fine and I find that it looks terrible a day after it's been washed. Hopefully this will help :) xo

  7. My hair is really oily and although I try my best not to wash it every day sometimes it's not optional, this shampoo might be exactly what I need! x

    lillies and lipbalm


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