Morning Skincare Routine

I have finally found a morning skincare routine that I really like, it suits my skin really well and I have not had any problems with dry skin recently. Firstly, I use Garnier clean and fresh ultra gentle make up remover to remove any mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow. This product is a beaut, possibly one of the best and cheapest make up removers I have used! It is really effective at removing mascara and is so gentle and refreshing, I also love the fresh smell. Next, I use my Avene extremely gentle cleanser to clean my face. As the name suggests, this is a very gentle cleanser and it is not drying at all. It has a very pleasant faint scent and leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft. Lastly, I use the Clarins Daily Energizer wake up boost which is the most amazing toner I have used! This gel toner is so refreshing and helps to brighten and hydrate your skin. I actually look forward to using this in the morning as it makes me feel more awake!

Moving onto the moisturising products, first I apply my Monu eye cool gel which is another wake me up product, leaving my eyes feeling refreshed and awake. I then apply the Avene soothing hydrating serum* all over my face. This is the first serum I have consistently used and I can really see a difference. I use this both day and night and find it extremely hydrating, so much so that I don’t always have to use a moisturiser on top. It sinks in very quickly, allowing me to apply my moisturiser quite soon after and although it is quite pricey, it is often on offer (it is currently 25% off at Escentual!). Last but not least, I apply my YonKa pamplemousse moisturiser, which although states it is for normal to oily skin, I find it works well on my normal to dry skin. Once applied my skin feels soft and smooth, and I find it is nice and light for a day moisturiser. It has a lovely scent, my boyfriend always says I smell of lemons when I apply this.

So there is my daily morning skincare! What is your favourite product to use in the morning? I love using products that make me feel more awake.

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  1. This is a lovely post :) I love reading skincare routines. I have never tried any Avene products but I would quite like to. x

  2. I love the Garnier make up removers in general they are always great, and Avene are amazing too xxx

  3. I've used the Clarins wake me up toner and it is a lovely scent for the mornings!


  4. I am really curious about the grapefruit moisturiser - will need to have a proper look at that one. :)

  5. The Avene cleanser is one I'm looking forward to trying, I have it in my skincare stash to open once my Korres one has been used up.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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