Uevo Design Cube Round Wax

When it comes to hair wax, I am a complete novice, I tend to stick to what I know, and I don’t know hair wax! So when I was contacted to see if I would like to try out some hair wax from Uevo, a Japanese hair brand, I was a little unsure as I thought this is not something I would usually buy. Thankfully I gave it a chance as I am now a convert!

Chris from Hyde Park Hair Shop helped me choose a wax that would be best suited for my hair and requirements, and suggested the round wax (6/7) - a beautiful pink/gold pearlescent wax with medium hold that gives hair a naturally glossy finish. After blow drying my hair, I apply a small pea size to my fingers and stroke it through my hair to finish.

The packaging is very unique and eye catching - it reminds me of large lego pieces, you can even stack them on top of one another! It smells heavenly, it reminds me of that hairdressers smell – you know, when you go to the hairdressers your hair has a certain smell about it when you leave. I have been using this most days to help keep my hair in place and have been most impressed with the product. Not only does my hair stay in place, but it gives it a lovely glossy shine. I especially love to use the product when I have straightened my hair as it looks so smooth and sleek, putting any frizz at bay.

Currently, the only place you can purchase this hair wax from is from The Hyde Park Hair Shop, where they sell a range of Uevo products from hair wax to gloss for all hair types. Although in my opinion, £18.50 is a lot for hair wax, you do get a huge amount of product and I can see this lasting a very long time. If you need help in deciding which one will best suit your hair then I am sure The Hyde Park Hair will be more than happy to help you out!

What is your favourite hair product?

p.s yes that is hair wax in a Christmas tree! I took these pictures a while ago :)

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  1. That is different...I would never have guessed it was hair wax!

  2. This sounds lovely :) I love the smell of hairdresser products! x


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