A visit to Kew Gardens

I love spending time with my family, but with my dad being self-employed and working 6 or 7 days a week, my mum and I rarely get to spend much time with him. So when I was kindly invited to Kew Gardens, courtesy of Simply Health as part of their healthy ageing campaign, it was the perfect opportunity to drag him away from work and get out for the day. So on Sunday, the most beautiful day of the year, we headed to Kew Gardens.

I have never been to Kew Gardens and so I didn’t realise just how big it is. Walking around you would not know you were in London, it is 121 hectares of gardens and botanical glasshouses and really is just so beautiful and relaxing. We spent around four hours there and we got to see the majority of the park whilst getting some exercise, leaving some very tired legs at the end of the day! We had such a lovely day and I would definitely like to go back.

The healthy ageing campaign aims to encourage people to take their parents and grandparents out to help them get healthier. We are living longer than ever before and so by keeping active you are helping to slow the process of ageing in your body. We all know just how easy it is to slump in front of the TV and not do any exercise, so why not do something you love and get your parents/grandparents involved? Head to the zoo, go for a Sunday stroll or even go to some gym classes to get that heart pumping. Just remember that whatever your age, it is never too late to make positive changes in your life, and we as the younger generation should really encourage this :)

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  1. What a pefect day you had for your outing and lovely to make some memories with the parents.



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