An afternoon in Greenwich

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I took an impromptu visit to Greenwich. It was a gloomy and blustery morning, my boyfriend was severely hungover and we didn't leave the house until 2, but off we went. I have always heard good things about Greenwich, including the market, so I was looking forward to an afternoon there.

Thankfully when we arrived the weather had cleared up a bit so we headed straight to the park to check out the famous view from the top of the hill. And what a spectacular view it was! We then wandered around the park, where we came across the friendliest of squirrels who seemed to like a pose!

We made our way down to the Queens house which is home to various maritime paintings and portraits. I am not the biggest art fan, however it was nice to walk around, admiring the beautiful rooms and ceilings. We sat in the courtyard for a while then headed on down to the Cutty Sark. Unfortunately we had left it so late that we didn't really have time to look around, but maybe next time!

Next was my favourite find; Greenwich Market. Regarded as one of London's best covered markets, it is packed full of foods from around the world, arts, crafts and much much more. I was seriously tempted by many of the food stalls but with a roast waiting to be cooked when we got home, I held off.

Unfortunately it was time for us to head back home, but we both thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon in Greenwich and even saw it as a potential place for us to live in the future!I can't wait to head back and tuck into some of the delicious market food.

What do you think of Greenwich?

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  1. Such beautiful photos, especially the one of the squirrel!

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  2. Oh my gosh the squirrel haha and the market looks amazing, hungover days out are harddd to get through but worth it, so much better than staying in bed xx

  3. You got some truly stunning photos, I really want to visit Greenwich now! x

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  4. Greenwich is my hometown i moved away a good few years now with my Dad being in the Army but all my first memories are here. I miss it so much you have really captured all the best parts beautifully even on a gloomy day! I need to pay a visit next time im in London x



  5. Aww looks like you've had a lovely day! :-)

  6. gorgeous photos! the one of the squirrel is so cute haha!

    Lauren x

  7. Wow Greenwich looks lovely! :)
    I'd love to visit one time, and I love the picture of the squirrel!
    I'm now following you on BlogLovin :)

  8. It looks like you had a wonderful afternoon, it's so lovely to explore new places <3

  9. greenwich looks so beautiful! x

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  10. We went for a boat trip to Greenwhich this September. It was lovely and we had weirdly good weather. I almost melted haha xxx


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