5 Shades of Grey

30 Jan 2015

I am a little bit obsessed with all things grey; homeware, clothes, themes, but in particular nail polish. It doesn't matter what you are wearing, grey nails will go with anything! These are my top picks at the moment.

On the far left we have China Glaze in Hook and Line, a frosty silver grey. This has a pearl like finish, which means the finish can be a little streaky - however I am in love with the colour. Next is Zoya in Marina, a smoky blue toned silver grey which is beautiful on the nails. The Rimmel 60 Seconds in 805 Grey Matter is my favourite during the spring months when I am all about the pastels, it also pairs nicely with . Bourjois 1 Seconde in 44 Grey to Meet You  Lastly* is a deep charcoal grey, which because of the fan like brush applies nicely in one stroke. Lastly, No.7 Stay Perfect in Thunderstorm is a deep purple toned grey, which is a nice alternative to a jet black.

What colour are you loving on your nails at the moment?

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Taking care of your feet; 3 products that you need

28 Jan 2015

During the Winter months my feet get a little neglected. I tend to wear socks or tights all day, everyday, and therefore never really feel the need to keep them up to scratch. However, the past few weeks I have got into a little routine of caring for my feet and they are already looking so much better. The three products that I like to use are the Sanctuary Spa Luxury foot polish, the Ecotools foot brush and pumice and the Palmer's Foot Magic.

Firstly I apply the Sanctuary Luxury Foot Polish to my feet, focusing on the areas that are particularly dry. This polish contains finely milled pumice, which begins the process of lifting those dead skin cells from your feet. It has a refreshing scent of tea tree oil with a hint of peppermint, which leaves your skin feeling refreshed and revived. I rub this into my skin, but do not wash it off, instead I use the following product.

The Ecotools Foot Brush and Pumice has two side, a soft bristle brush and a pumice made from recycled glass. Firstly, I use the brush to to work alongside the polish. I have found that using them both together helps to give my feet a thorough scrub, prepping them nicely for the pumice.  Once scrubbed I wash away the polish and buff my heels with the pumice (make sure you have wet the stone so it does not catch). This really helps to remove the dead skin to leave a nice smooth layer. I find this brush very easy to use, and as you can see from the pictures, very effective!

Lastly, I apply Palmers Cocoa Butter in Foot Magic. This stuff really is magic and I love it. It comes out of the tube as a thick gel and melts when it comes into contact with your skin. It has a very refreshing scent, a combination of peppermint oil and cocoa butter, and is enriched with Vitamin E and mango butter. It does not leave an oily residue and it leaves your skin feeling moisturised, soft and smooth.  If you are in need of a more intense treatment, apply to your feet at night with cotton socks.

I have been doing this once or twice week and there is such an improvement in the soles of my feet.

What do you like to use on your feet?

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High End Beauty Wishlist

25 Jan 2015

If money was not an object then I would already own all of the above (and more), however I just can't justify spending £56 on make-up. At some point I will treat myself to the more 'reasonable priced' products, in particular the Giorgio Armani foundation and the By Terry Ombre Blackstar are high on that list. Having said that, if anyone was to buy me any of the above I would be absolutely delighted, particularly with my birthday coming up *hinthint* ;)

What are you lusting for at the moment?

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Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit in Elec-tric or treat

22 Jan 2015

Fuse Gelnamel, made by the well known Sensationail, is a gel polish hybrid that combines the base coat, colour and top coat into one, producing high shine and chip free nails that last up to one week. I was lucky enough to try out the Fuse Starter kit in Elec-tric or Treat and being my first time using any kind of 'gel' product, I was very excited to see the results.

Included in the starter kit is a USB cable, a Gelnamel polish, the Fuse LED Lamp (with a built in 30 seconds timer and the ability to flip the lid to cure your toe nails), a plug, a double sided buffer, an orange stick, a pack of 12 lint free wipes, instructions and the Fuse cleanser. The kit is very compact, and the lamp can be plugged into the wall, or a USB port on your laptop, which is great for travel and touch ups on the go.

Having never applied gel polish myself, I found the whole process very straight forward, and relatively easy to apply. Firstly, push down your cuticles with the orange stick and buff you nails. Apply some cleanser to your lint free wipes and clean your nails. Although the base coat is incorporated into the polish, when I removed the Gelnamel my nails were slightly stained. Therefore, if like Elec-tric or treat the polish is bright or dark, it may be best to apply a base coat.

Next up, apply the polish and cure instantly. If you are only doing one coat, cleanse the nail after you have cured, however if you want to apply two coats do not cure between coats (it will not stick so well). If it applies a little uneven, it will level off to some extent so do not worry too much. Although you only need to cure for 30 seconds, I cured for 1 minute after the second coat just to make sure it had set. You should then wipe your nail down with the cleanser to finish it off. At this point your nails may look dull, however throughout the day your nails will become more shiny.

You are advised to complete each nail one by one, which does add time, however I like to take my time when painting my nails so I do not find this to be an issue. When it comes to removal, the same method as gels applies. Towards the end of the week, my polish had started to lift and this made it easy for me to just peel them off (I would not advise doing this though!).

Before I tried the Fuse Gelnamel I read the reviews on Boots, and to be honest they are not great! Many people claimed that their polish had chipped instantly, it did not last and most definitely was not worth the money. After trying it for myself, I can honestly say they couldn't be more wrong. I was extremely impressed with the application and it lasted a whole week on my nails with minimal chips. The key to this product is the application, which is where many people may go wrong. As the polish is quite thick, it can make application a little tricky,especially as a thin coat is required, but after practice this does get easier.

Day 1:

Day 5:

Fuse gelnamel is readily available in Boots, where you can get the starter kit for £35 which comes in 6 different colours, or the individual polishes in 12 different colours, at £15 each. This is a much cheaper alternative to gel nails, and also much more travel friendly.

What are your thoughts on at home gel manicures?

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Eye of Horus Sultry Serpentine Goddess Pencil

19 Jan 2015

Eye of Horus are an Australian brand based on ancient Egyptian formulas and ingredients, hence the name Eye of Horus. With their research, they have formulated a range of make-up that is long lasting, nourishing, paraben free and great for sensitive eyes. They do not test on animals and they include as much natural content as possible in their products.

Sultry Serpentine is a beautiful dark olive eyeliner with gold micro shimmer. It has a very rich and creamy texture, which applies beautifully without tugging or pulling at your eyelids. At one end is the pencil, and the other is a smudger to help create a smokey effect. It takes around 40 seconds to set, giving you enough time to draw, smudge, smoke and define, but once set it will not budge. I can honestly say this waterproof formula is the longest wearing eyeliner that I own, it does not fade or budge until you are ready to remove it (as shown in the last picture!).

My only niggle with this product is that because of their creamy nature, the pencils do tend to run down quickly. However, because you are not topping your liner up throughout the day I can deal with this. Because these have been formulated with sensitive eyes in mind, these do not irritate your waterline which is a huge plus for me. I am yearning to try more products from the range after such a positive experience using their products (see my review on Charcoal Obsession Goddess pencil here), especially after hearing such good things about their mascara.

Have you tried Eye of Horus before?

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Woodwick Candle in Willow

16 Jan 2015

Woodwick Candles have been high on my wish list for a while now, ever since I learnt about them through Fleur de Force. Woodwick candles are unlike any other candles. Firstly, the wicks are made from wood – hence the name Woodwick. When burning it crackles, just like an open fire, which is very relaxing and comforting. This is what initially attracted me to Woodwick candles, as I have never seen anything like it. Secondly, they are made from soy wax rather than paraffin wax, which is supposedly safer. It also promises a slow, clean burn (I.E no soot on the inside of your jar).

I was lucky enough to spot a Woodwick candle in my local TK Maxx, so I picked up the Medium Candle in Willow for £9.99. This green fragrance combines notes of willow blossom & refreshing cool waters. It is a very fresh, clean scent that produces a good throw when burning, and it burns slowly and evenly and therefore lasts. When I first burnt the candle the flame was much bigger than other candles, however after some research I learnt this is natural. The sound of the crackle is my favourite thing about these candles, as not only are the nice to smell, they are also nice to listen to.

The usual price for a Medium candle is £16.99, with burning capacity of 100 hours. Unfortunately it is quite hard to get hold of but do check out your local TK Maxx or you can order online at The Candle House.

What is your favourite Candle?

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The One Colour Impact in Shimmering Steel and Beige Pearl

13 Jan 2015

Oriflame are a brand that you may not have heard of, they are like the Swedish version of Avon. This year they released 'The ONE’ collection and I have recently been enjoying using the Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadows. I particularly like using cream eye shadows as they tend to have longer staying power and are more versatile.

The ONE Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadows have a cream to powder finish which are super easy to apply. They can be built up to a more intense colour and because they dry to a powder finish I find they are very easy to blend. They have a velvety soft texture which makes applying with your fingers a pleasure and can be mixed together to create new colours.

My favourite, Shimmering Steel (L), is a stunning petrol colour which is perfect to help create a smoky eye and Beige Pearl (R) is a beautiful champagne colour with a hint of shimmer that is great as a highlighter. I have used them both as a primer for eye shadow and alone and I find they last the majority of the day, but do start to crease towards the end. As you can see below, they are nice and pigmented and have great colour pay off.

These cream eye shadows are available in six other shades at £10.00 each and can be purchased from the Oriflame website.

What is your favourite cream eye shadow?

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Follow me on Pinterest!

10 Jan 2015

Yes, I am a little behind times however I finally got Pinterest! Please do follow me, I may not have much on there at the moment but I will become more active as I have a play around! I also made the pictures on my blog pinnable, so feel free to share on Pinterest if you particularly like a post of mine.

Leave a link to your Pinterest profiles so I can also follow you and let me know who you like to follow on there :)

Here are links to my other social media accounts, let me know yours!


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Most Viewed Posts of 2014

7 Jan 2015

2014 has been a great year for blogging. I have worked hard to improve both my blog posts and photos, and also blogging more in general. To round up the year, here are my top 6 most viewed posts of the year.

Surprisingly, the most viewed post of 2014 was a review of the Barry M Natural Glow Shadow & Blush Palette. This surprised me as I wasn't the biggest fan of the palette, although for the price you do get a nice selection of eye shadows. Next up was my post on 2014 Beauy Advent Calendars under £50. This is one of my favourite posts to write each year as it is always exciting to see what calendars are being released. This was closely followed by my review of the Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eye Shadow, which does not surprise me. These cream shadows are amazing quality and I would highly recommend you try them out.

The fourth most viewed post was a Christmas present from 2013 - the Georgia Three Hand Bangle Watch from Fossil. I absolutely love this watch and wear it most days, it certainly gains some compliments! Next was my spending ban in January & February. This was hard work and I am surprised that I actually went through with it. It was very rewarding however, and I may try and limit my spending again this year to help save some money. Lastly, the sixth most popular post of 2014 goes to Sizers - The Solution to ill-fitting shoes. If you own some shoes that are slightly too big, check these out. They really do work and are also very comfortable to wear, so definitely worth trying.

Let me know what type of post you like to read!

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Instagram Walking Tour with #giffgaffSnaps

4 Jan 2015

A few weeks ago I was kindly invited along to an Instagram London Tour hosted by Joe Blogs and Giff Gaff. Charlotte from Best LDN Walks took us on a comprehensive panoramic route that covers a good slice of the top 50 Instagram hashtags of London. We were also very lucky to be accompanied by Phil Hibberd from Photography Made Simple who shared tips on how to make the most of your phone camera.

We started the walk at the BFI IMAX, headed towards Waterloo Bridge (built by woman - girl power!), back along South Bank and past the Undercroft Skate Park. We then walked past the London Eye and to my favourite part of the walk, Leake Street Tunnel. If you don’t know what Leake Street is, it's a place where you can legally graffiti - all thanks to Banksy! We were given some spray paint to have a go ourselves, lets just say I shouldn’t quit my day job.

Next, we headed over Westminster Bridge, not forgetting the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, up Whitehall and past Downing Street, to Charing Cross (did you know Charing Cross is officially recognized as the centre of London). En route we bumped into Paddington Bear in his union jack jacket - what a cutie.

I thoroughly enjoyed the walk - Charlotte was a great tour guide, she kept us entertained with her bubbly personality and she also shared so many interesting facts throughout the tour. The Best LDN Walks are great value averaging £10 a walk - so do check them out! Thank you giff gaff and Joe Blogs for a great evening :)

To read more about the walk, see here.

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