Trilogy Refresh & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

31 Mar 2015

Trilogy are well known for their Rosehip Oil and natural skincare, but they also sell haircare products. The Refresh and Shine range promotes healthy hair and scalp, whilst restoring body and shine. They both contain natural ingredients like Keracyn - an antioxidant that is rich in protein, Rosehip - which conditions, Calendula - which brightens and gets rid product build up, Marshmallow - which adds shine and Chamomile - which helps to sooth the scalp.

The shampoo is a gel like texture that is very thick. It doesn't lather very much (as it does not contain SLS which can aggrevate the scalp), but enough to feel as though it is doing something. My hair does get very tangled once using this shampoo, however the conditioner quickly rectifies this. The conditioner has a very thin consistency, and works like magic. As soon as it is applied my hair feels nice and soft and is no longer tangled.

They both have a herbal scent, with a hint of citrus, that is very pleasant and refreshing - I find it helps wake me up in the morning. My hair feels squeaky clean and is left feeling very soft. It doesn't weigh my hair looks very glossy. I have seen an improvement in the condition of my scalp, which can suffer a little during the colder months. I have almost run out and will most definitely be repurchasing! They are currently on offer at All Beauty for £8.75 and £9.55.

Have you tried any Trilogy products?

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Ecotools Brushes; Tapered Blush and Skin Perfecting

29 Mar 2015

I recently visited Boots with the intention of buying some of the new Real Techniques Bold Metal brushes. However after much debate, I couldn't bring myself to pay £20-25 for one brush, despite how pretty it may look. Instead, I was drawn to the pretty packaging of the new Ecotools Complexion Collection. All of their brushes are cruelty-free, and made with a recyled aluminimum ferrule and a sleek bamboo handle - these are truely environmentally friendly.

The Tapered Blush brush (£7.99) as you may guess, is a super soft tapered brush which provides a more precise application than your standard blush brush. It therefore applies nice and evenly, and blends in well. I particularly love using this brush as it is super soft, which feels nice on the face. Because the brush has dark bristles it can be hard to see how much product it picks up, but this also means your brush does not look instantly dirty, which is a plus!

The new Skin Perfecting brush (£7.99) has a beautiful ferrule, like all brushes in the complexion collection. Although it says for use with BB/CC creams, I picked it up to use with my normal foundation. The brush is densley packed, which means it is not as soft as the blush brush, however it doesn't soak up my foundation like some brushes do. It has a rounded edge with a slant, which makes it easier to apply around your nose and it produces the most flawless finish. This is my go to foundation brush at the moment.

Prices range from around £5 to £12 but can also be picked up slightly cheaper in TK Maxx, making these very affordable.

Have you tried Ecotools brushes?

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EyeCANDY Gel Wrap System

26 Mar 2015

Ever since I tried the Fuse Gelnamel nail kit I have been all about the gel polish. I have always struggled to keep the perfect manicure, with nails chipping after just 1 or 2 days, and the Gelnamel kit kept polish on for over week. Although I love it, it does take a bit of time to sit down and apply gel polish from start to finish. So when I found out about gel topcoats, which provide a long lasting gel like finish without the need for a UV lamp, I was super excited to try them out.

The EyeCANDY gel wrap system contains both a base coat and a top coat, that act as a wrap around your nail polish. The base coat is an acrylic gel formula, creating a smooth foundation base and the top coat is glossy and fast drying. You apply them like a normal base and top coat and they can be removed in exactly the same way, no need to soak in acetone, but by using nail polish remover. I tend to apply two layers of the top coat as I find it gives more a gel polish finish as it looks a little thicker.

So in terms of results, I am SO impressed. My nail polish lasted 6/7 days without chipping - much much longer than usual, and they kept their glossy shine the whole time. I now use nothing else. EyeCANDY polish can be found in Tesco and online at Amazon for £10.99, so if you see it I would highly recommend you try it out!

What is your favourite top coat?

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Wanderlust Wish List

15 Mar 2015

I have the travel bug. All I can think about is travelling. All I want to do is travel. There is nothing I love more than exploring a new country, learning about its culture and soaking up the atmosphere. To satisfy my craving for now, I have put together a wish list of some places I hope to visit at some point in the near future. For the purpose of this post I have limited my wish list to 9 places for now, however if I was to post my full wishlist it would be endless.

I have wanted to see the Northern Lights for as long as I can remember  I don't mind where I see them, as long as I get to see them! I have not ventured to South East Asia so would love to visit Vietnam and experience something a little different. We are hoping to travel to Australia early next year, so fingers cross this one happens. There is something about Cuba that I am drawn to, particularly Havana, I especially love the old school cars. Bora Bora is high on my wish list, it looks like the perfect place to just relax and get away from everything. There is so much of Japan that I would love to see, especially the gardens and temples. Slovenia looks like such a beautiful country and one I don't hear about enough. I have been to Greece many a time, but never ventured to Santorini. The blue and white building are perfection. Lastly, Brazil - which looks just stunning.

Where would you most like to travel?

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ESPA ProSerum

12 Mar 2015

ESPA ProSerum3

Serum is quite a recent addition to my skincare routine and what a difference it makes! I have been using the ESPA ProSerum* for quite a few months now and I am super impressed. The ESPA ProSerum is a cross between a serum and a treatment that combines proactive natural ingredients Turmeric, White Lupic and Sunflower with Frangipani, Rose and Patchouli essential oils. It aims to nourish and strengthen the skin, and helps to brighten and even skin tone whilst protecting against premature aging.

I use ProSerum every night by gently patting 2 drops onto the skin. It is a very light oil that is absorbed instantly, and therefore can be used day and night, and my skin is glowing by the morning. Like with most products I find you don’t really notice how good something is until you stop using it – and this certainly was the case. It really helps to hydrate my skin and bring it back to good health. The ingredients are 99% natural and therefore it does smell quite herbal, but it is paired with a very sweet scent which is very calming and relaxing, especially when applied before bed . The packaging is absolutely beautiful and the pipette makes it feel all that more luxurious.

This serum is perfect for younger skin as it works to prevent damage, rather than reverse the effects. At £48 a bottle (30ml) this is an expensive purchase, but more than worth it - see it as an investment in your skin. Each use barely makes a dent and I can see this lasting a very long time. Imagine my horror when I came home one day to the serum on its side with product with spillage…thankfully I didn’t loose much.

Which other ESPA products would you recommend trying?

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3 Year Giveaway; The Perfect Smokey Eye

10 Mar 2015

I have reached 3 years of blogging and so as a massive thank you to every single one of you who has subscribed, left a comment and even just read my blog I wanted to host a giveaway. Technically I have already missed my 3 year blog anniversary, it was all the way back in December, however I couldn't decide what I wanted to giveaway! After much thought, and the fact this is also my 300th post, I decided I wanted to giveaway my favourite product at the moment, the By Terry Ombre Blackstar as it is just so beautiful. I have paired it with a few other favourite products to create the perfect smokey eye - I hope you like it!

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  • Bourjois Mega Liner in Ultra Black
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a Rafflecopter giveaway
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The Reading Habits Tag

8 Mar 2015

I haven't done a tag in a while, so I thought I would do the Reading Habits tag as I have been loving reading at the moment. I tag all of you to do the reading tag, so let me know if you do!
1. Do you have a certain place at home to read?
Generally I read in bed, however if I'm home alone I sometimes snuggle up on the sofa and read. My favourite is waking up in the morning and reading in bed, especially if I am stuck in a book.

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?
Currently I am using a random piece of paper, but not by choice! I really want to find a pretty bookmark but have yet to find one. Let me know if you know of one where I can get one.

3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter or number of pages?
Usually I find a good place to end, however because I read on my way to work I quite often have to stop half way down a page which isn't ideal! I usually have to reread a few pages to remember where I am.

4. Do you eat or drink while reading?
Not usually. As I have said before I am not a big hot drinker, there I don't make a drink to sit down and read and who managed to eat whilst reading?!

5. Do you watch TV or listen to music while reading?
Nope. I have to have my full attention on the book otherwise I get too distracted. 

6. One book at a time or several at once?
Definitely one at a time. I don't know how people read more than one book at once, surely it makes sense to finish your book before starting a new one.

7. Reading at home or everywhere?
Everywhere! To be honest I spend the least time reading at home and most when I am out and about. I tend to read the most on my commute to and from work, or if I am on holiday I read a lot on the beach or by the pool.

8. Reading aloud or silently in your head?
Silently. Does anyone read aloud, apart from if they are reading to a child? 

9. Do you ever read ahead or skip pages?
I do get tempted to skip ahead sometimes. I don't know why. I rarely spoil it for myself though as I stop before I read too much. I must kick this habit!

10. Do you ever write in books?
Nope, never. The only time I have is in textbooks which don't really count. But I like to keep books in a good condition, without notes. Also, I'm not sure what I would write anyway?

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Tresor Rare Diamond Facial Treatment

5 Mar 2015

The week before my birthday I was kindly invited to Tresor Rare to try out one of their luxurious diamond facials*. Being a beauty blogger, I did my research before arriving and learnt that Tresor Rare launched in the UK late last year, and has been huge hit over in the US. I also learnt the cost of their products, which contain luxurious ingredients like water pearls, gemstones and exfoliating diamond dust. I therefore had high expectations!

Tresor Rare

On a cold Friday night I made my way to South Molton Street in London and was greeted by some friendly faces. I then met Chelsea, my lovely facialist, who took me down to the treatment room. After taking me through the brand, Chelsea bought out a gadget that I had never seen before. Essentially it tests your skin on various matters to ensure they are applying the most suitable products to your skin. I had mine tested for sensitivity and pores, to find that my skin is not sensitive and there were few pores on my skin that were open, which apparently is very good!

Tresor Rare

I was not treated to a specific facial, but a range of products to gain an all round experience. First Chelsea applied the Gold cleanser to remove any makeup and build up of dirt. Then came the second cleanse, which contained small microbeads providing great exfoliation. This was my favourite product, especially because it smelt like a dream. Next was the toner which was lovely and refreshing, followed by a light moisturiser.

Throughout the facial Chelsea was polite and very informative, she explained what the product achieves and how it should be used. She reminded me that when applying products to your face its best to sweep upwards to get the blood flowing and to help prevent wrinkles. She also recommended to always drink water before having a facial to prepare your skin.

Tresor Rare

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Tresor Rare. It was a very relaxing atmosphere and I was made to feel right at home. I was a little nervous about the journey home with no makeup, however my skin was glowing, so much so that I actually felt quite confident walking around London (which is not something I would usually do!). The cheapest facial available is £150, which I personally find very expensive, however as mentioned their products contain the finest ingredients and therefore you would expect premium prices!

Where do you like to go for a facial?

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Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Champagne Toast

3 Mar 2015

Tanya Burr Tanya Burr

When Tanya Burr first released her makeup range I wasn't really that tempted by any of the products. For a start I hadn't tried anything from Eye Candy before, nor had I really heard much about them. To be honest, I assumed the worst - I did not think they would be the best quality and therefore wasn't worth a try, however I couldn't have been more wrong! A lot of thought has clearly gone into these products, from the product names to the intensity of the colours and I truly am very impressed.

Champagne toast is a shimmery nude lipgloss, which is a beautiful everyday shade. In the tube it doesn't look particularly special, but when applied it really enhances your lips, creating a slight plumping effect from the shimmer. The formula is spot on, it applies nicely and is not sticky in the slightest. The scent is very sweet, which may not be for everyone, but I love it.

The lip glosses cost just £6.99, which isn't the cheapest but most definitely won't break the bank. They can be purchaed online at Feel Unique, or instore at Superdrug. I would definitely like to try more of the lip glosses, particularly from the most recent collection, and I am also very tempted to pick up a nail polish to try!

Have you tried anything from Tanya Burrs range? If so, what did you think?

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Chanel Makeup Birthday Haul

1 Mar 2015

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
ChanelHaul Les Beiges

For my birthday, my boyfriend treated me to some new make-up of my choice. I wanted something high end (it was a birthday treat after all), so whilst in the Duty Free shop at Gatwick I was drawn to Chanel. I knew I wanted a replacement of the much loved Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (B20), as this is one of my favourite foundations, but I also wanted a setting powder to go with it. The Shop Assistant recommended the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder (20), which has the most gorgeous packaging, so I also picked that up.

I never realised how much of a discount you can get at Duty Free, usually I browse the perfume section and find they are no cheaper than on the high street. However the foundation cost £27 (RRP £33) and the powder cost £33 (RRP £39), so it is well worth waiting if you are travelling anytime soon.

What are you favourite Chanel products?

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