Tresor Rare Diamond Facial Treatment

The week before my birthday I was kindly invited to Tresor Rare to try out one of their luxurious diamond facials*. Being a beauty blogger, I did my research before arriving and learnt that Tresor Rare launched in the UK late last year, and has been huge hit over in the US. I also learnt the cost of their products, which contain luxurious ingredients like water pearls, gemstones and exfoliating diamond dust. I therefore had high expectations!

Tresor Rare

On a cold Friday night I made my way to South Molton Street in London and was greeted by some friendly faces. I then met Chelsea, my lovely facialist, who took me down to the treatment room. After taking me through the brand, Chelsea bought out a gadget that I had never seen before. Essentially it tests your skin on various matters to ensure they are applying the most suitable products to your skin. I had mine tested for sensitivity and pores, to find that my skin is not sensitive and there were few pores on my skin that were open, which apparently is very good!

Tresor Rare

I was not treated to a specific facial, but a range of products to gain an all round experience. First Chelsea applied the Gold cleanser to remove any makeup and build up of dirt. Then came the second cleanse, which contained small microbeads providing great exfoliation. This was my favourite product, especially because it smelt like a dream. Next was the toner which was lovely and refreshing, followed by a light moisturiser.

Throughout the facial Chelsea was polite and very informative, she explained what the product achieves and how it should be used. She reminded me that when applying products to your face its best to sweep upwards to get the blood flowing and to help prevent wrinkles. She also recommended to always drink water before having a facial to prepare your skin.

Tresor Rare

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Tresor Rare. It was a very relaxing atmosphere and I was made to feel right at home. I was a little nervous about the journey home with no makeup, however my skin was glowing, so much so that I actually felt quite confident walking around London (which is not something I would usually do!). The cheapest facial available is £150, which I personally find very expensive, however as mentioned their products contain the finest ingredients and therefore you would expect premium prices!

Where do you like to go for a facial?

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  1. Shame this is pricey as it sounds lovely!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Sounds expensive! I must admit tho I'm not a fan of facials I can't bear people playing with my face!!

    Victoria x

  3. It is very expensive but something i want to invest in my skin could do with regular facials xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  4. this is interesting, I like the aspect of products having gold in them. Not surprised it would be expensive but would be great as a bday gift.

  5. Looks amazing, especially as a really special treat.

    Thanks for sending your link across in the chat tonight.


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