Accessorising with Colour

31 Jul 2015

I was recently invited to an event hosted by Microsoft Lumia to discover what colours suit you best as an individual. We met Jules Standish, a colour consultant, who analysed our skin tone, eye colour, hair colour and personality to create a palette of suitable colours - mine being Spring. Jules explained that it doesn't have to be about reinventing your wardrobe, but adding a pop of colour through your accessories. This is especially true if you are not feeling confident enough to wear that bright colour you love so much. Here are some of my favourite ways to do such a thing.

Generally I stick to plain black or brown sunglasses, but why not try something new? Although I wouldn't wear these sunglasses* on a day to day basis, they are great fun to wear at a festival or on holiday. Paired with a bright nail polish, like this red one, and already you are adding subtle hints of colour. I absolutely love wearing red, but I don't always feel confident enough wearing a block of red.

If I am wearing quite a plain outfit, I also like to add a coloured necklace or handbag. This Rebecca Minkoff bag is one of my favourites during the summer, especially as I don't own many coloured bags - I tend to stick to my trusty black handbags. This necklace from Forever 21 is also a firm favourite as the colours tend to suit my skintone very well.

Lastly, an accessory you may not often think about, but use all the time, is your phone. The Microsoft Lumia range comes in an array of bright colours that you would not necessarily wear as clothing, but give you the opportunity to use as an accessory. This Microsoft Lumia 930* has been a fab edition to my wardrobe, especially as it sports the most impressive camera phone I have used - perfect for us bloggers. You can see samples of photos here. Of course, if you are not looking to buy a new phone you can always change the case depending on your outfit.

What is your favourite accessory?

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Travel in Style - Travel Wallets

28 Jul 2015

If you are forever panicking that you have misplaced your passport or boarding pass whilst at the airport, then a travel wallet is a must. For months I have been lusting after one to replace my current way of organising - an ugly A4 plastic stationary wallet, something which was not pretty or travel friendly. A travel wallet will allow me to keep all my travel documents in one place, including my passport and currency, ready to produce when required.

At the top of my list is the Aspinal of London Travel Wallet, the cream of the crop. Everything about it oozes luxury, it's fine leather finishing to adding your own personal engraved initials, but the £125 price tag may not be to everyone's taste. I have therefore searched for a range of travel wallets to cater to everyone's budget, ranging from just £1.99 (including p&p!!) up to £125.

How do you keep organised when travelling? Which is your favourite?

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Unplanned Hiatus & Life Update

25 Jul 2015

It has been precisely 41 days since my last post. I wasn't planning on taking such a long break from blogging but life has been busy during that time! In the space of 21 days we booked an impromptu flight to Borneo, went to the Doctors for last minute vaccinations and travelled Borneo for 2 weeks. It was one of the most stressful holidays (what holiday isn't when you still haven't got a plan, or booked your flights, a week before you are due to go) but also the most amazing holiday I have been on. I stepped out of my comfort zone, and boy was it worth it. Now, more than ever, do I want to pack everything in and go travelling. More about this to come in a future post. My 30 countries before 30 is coming along nicely, I am now at 17, only 13 to go!

So what have I been up to on the other 20 days? Nothing anywhere as near exciting as travelling Borneo, for most of the time I have been working. Work has been very busy, both before and after my travels, leaving my little time to sit down and blog. Alongside this, I also had a very active holiday to recover from, meaning I was tired most nights and lacking in energy. Last week I was fortunate enough to attend some exciting blog events - mostly Christmas related (yes, Christmas has already started in the PR world), which left me running around London most days.

So now I am back, and excited to get into blogging again. Please share your links in this post, I am in the mood to find some new blogs <3

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