My Invisalign Journey: Day 1


On the 28th September I officially started my Invisalign treatment! I hadn't really thought much about how this will change my every day life until the night before, where I began to feel very nervous about the pain to come over the next 9 months. Dr. Tinkler got started on the attachments as soon as I arrived. I will do a more detailed post on what exactly this entails, but all in all they were fine and no pain. Next up was what looks like a thin silver file, to shave down parts of your teeth. I believe this is known as IPR (correct me if I'm wrong!), a way of making space for your teeth to move. This was a little uncomfortable but not painful.  All in all it only took 40 minutes and off I went to work.

So how was my first day with Invisalign? Painful. Very painful and constant pain. I don't want to sugar coat this and say it doesn't hurt, because it does. Having never had braces before, I have never experienced the pain from movement of teeth, therefore I am not sure how it compares. There was a constant dull ache, which was very painful - but the worst was to come. At lunch I tried to remove the aligners and it was excruciating, to the point where I wanted to cry. I really struggled to remove them and it put a lot of pressure on my already sensitive teeth, especially when it gets caught on the attachments. This made eating a struggle, so make sure you eat something soft like a jacket potato. At this point I took some Ibuprofen and it did help alleviate the pain.

I couldn't stop touching the aligners with my tongue - despite telling myself I wouldn't do this. But having something alien in your mouth will always attract your tongue to explore. I also found that I couldn't rest my teeth together, therefore my natural resting face is now with my mouth slightly open - I find myself clenching my teeth quite a lot to try and close my mouth, but this is not recommended! My lips also suffered, the bottom aligner seemed to irritate my lower lip resulting in slight swelling.

I later discovered, through online research, that it is best to leave your aligners in for as long as possible when you first put in your aligners, to allow your teeth to do as much movement as possible. That evening I was still in pain, albeit a little less, and I began to wonder what had I got myself into? Can I really deal with this for the next 9 months? Now, I am 2 weeks in and I can say it does get much much easier.  The pain does go away, removing the aligners does get easier, and your mouth does get used to the aligners being there - in fact I can barely notice them in my mouth.

This evening I will be changing onto tray 2, fingers crossed it does not hurt too much!

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  1. oh wow, your journey reminds me of having braces when i was younger and wearing the retainer afterwards, it was awful! it definitely hurts a lot but i'm glad it's getting better for you! good luck with the next phase and great post x

  2. I had braces for 5 years of my teenage life and I no that pain of getting them and how much it hurts I just wanted to rip them off! But I promise it will be worth it and I love my teeth now and I smile confidently! Stick at it just think of the end result ☺️

    Lucy |

  3. Great post! I had braces and I hated them! this would have been a nice alternative

    New follower! xx

    A Little Dose of Makeup

  4. I'm finally going in for my moulds on Monday so I'll be joining you with the invisaligns very soon!!!

    Victoria x

  5. Finally, you did succeed in wearing those invisalign braces hoping you'll win over wearing unto the next one!

  6. I just got Invisalign last week to be honest thought it was a pain, but it was definitely worth it in the end. I like your smile

  7. Wonderful article, Which you have shared here about the Invisalign. Your article is very interesting and I really enjoyed reading it. I am thankful to you for sharing this article here.


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