Bath & Body Works Haul | Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

10 Nov 2015

Bath & Body Works Haul

Alongside my Bath & Body Works Candle Haul I also asked my boyfriend to pick up some anti-bacterial hand gel. I am not so fussy on the scents of anti-bacs so I just asked if he could pick up some random ones and overall I am very pleased! As usual, the deal of 5 for $6 was on, which is amazing value - why would you ever pick up less than 5?!

I got Frosted Cranberry, which is a sweet scent of cranberry and iced peach, Marshmallow Mittens, which is vanilla bean and coconut. Paris Amour which is described as fench tulips with a pop of pink champagne, Pure Paradise, a blend of sparkling star fruit and frangipani blossoms and lastly Mad About You which is a mixture of soft peonies, blackcurrent and vanilla musk. I have yet to try these as I am still finishing a few off from my last purhcase but I am most excited by Pure Paradise and Mad About You!

What is your favourite Hand Sanitizer?

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Bath & Body Works Haul | Candles

8 Nov 2015

What would a trip to New York be without a Bath & Body Works haul? Unfortunately it wasn't me who was going to New York but when my boyfriend had to go there for work I asked if he could pick me up a few bits. Their candles are my absolute favourites, but as I am building quite a collection of candles at the moment I had to restrain myself and so I asked for 4 candles - 2 medium and 2 large. I chose a variety of Autumn and Winter scents that I liked the sound of, which wasn't the easiest of tasks when basing it on a description, but thankfully they were all perfect!

The 3 wick candles are the best in my opinion, so I would always go for these over the smaller ones. First I chose Winter, a combination of pine needles, icy mandarin and winter woods which captures the magic of winter. It has a soft woody smell, with a nice fresh citrus undertone - which I asbolutley love. I also chose Alpine Cheer, which I am currently burning and I am really enjoying it so far. It contains mountain balsam, cedarwood bark and snow white canberry and is the perfect woody balsam smell, whilst not being too overpowering due to the cranberry.

In the medium sized candles I chose Autumn and Vanilla Snowflake. Autumn is my favourite of the bunch, it is a very crisp fragrance due to the red delicious apple, rich cedarwood and green balsam and it very calming - I highly recommend this one! Lastly, I chose Vanilla Snowflake, which is a very obvious choice for me. It is a beautiful blend of creamy vanilla and wintery mint, with a dash of coconut. This gently scent is perfect for this time of year, but would also be nice all year round.

If you haven't tried Bath & Body Work candles before - you must. The designs are beautiful, the throw is very strong and they burn nice and evenly. It doesn't just fill the room it is burning in, but your whole house. They are very hard to get hold of in the UK but you can pick up some on e-bay, or on your next visit to the states!

What is your favourite Bath & Body Works candle?     

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My Evening Skincare Routine

5 Nov 2015

Evening Skincare Routine

It has been over a year since I last posted my evening skincare routine and a lot has changed since then! In the evening I still like to use a face wash and at the moment I am loving the Vichy Purete Thermale Fresh Cleaning Gel* in conjunction with the Magnitone. Together these do a great job at removing my makeup, leaving my skin squeaky clean. Next up I use the Vitamin E cleansing Wipes from Sainsburys to remove any missed bits of dirt, and also to remove my eye makeup. These are great value at £1 and are really good at removing even the toughest of mascaras.

I then move onto serum, a must have in any skincare routine. My all time favourite is the ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum* which I reviewed in full here. This luxurious serum contains 99% natural ingredients and leaves my skin feeling soft, plump and radiant. Once this has sunk in I apply the Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Creme*. I adore this moisturiser. It contains ingredients to smooth the texture of your skin, encourage cell renewal and lightly exfoliate your skin - working to renew your skin overnight. I find this moisturiser to be very nourishing and works nice with the serum to repair my skin overnight.

Next, I apply eye cream. I am currently using the La Roche Posay Pigmentclar eye cream*, which works nicely to brighten my under eye area (which I desperately need). It's not the most moisturising, which I also need help with, but is doing wonders for my dark circles. Lastly, I can't go to bed without applying some Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. If you haven't tried this and suffer from dry lips, this is a must have in your life!  

What products do you like to use in the evening?

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My Invisalign Journey | Tray 1 & Tray 2

2 Nov 2015

Invisalign Journey Tray 1 and 2

In my last post I explained how much I struggled on my first day of wearing Invisalign. The first tray was most definitely the hardest, and as my dentist said - it only gets easier, which I can definitely say is true now that I am on tray 3. The first week of wearing Invisalign was quite a struggle, but each day was slightly less painful. I finally got the knack of removing the aligners, which makes the process a whole lot less painful and by the second week I was beginning to feel more like normal.

After the first few days, my lower lip was still catching on my aligners, leaving me with a swollen lip and my tongue was sore from the rough edges. I filed the edges slightly to make them smoother, and this really helped them to fit much more comfortably. My swollen lip went down and was no longer catching, which made me feel a lot better about the whole process. I now make sure I file my aligners before I change trays, to avoid any soreness in my mouth.

I was quite nervous about changing my tray for the first time - I was worried that I would go back to that first day where it was painful to remove the aligner and painful to eat. I had read that it is best to change your aligner just before bed, so that most of the movement can be done whilst you are sleeping. So just before bed I took an Ibuprofen and changed my aligners, sleeping through the night with no issues. I did wake with very sensitive teeth, but this quickly passed and I could no longer even feel them in my mouth.

As I am writing this I have just moved onto tray 3 and I am experiencing sensitivity again. I also have an ulcer under my tongue which is catching on the aligners, making it very uncomfortable. But otherwise I am very much used to wearing them. No one has noticed that I have Invisalign, even those that know I have Invisalign question whether I am wearing them or not because they are so discreet!

Let me know if you have Invisalign and if you are blogging about it!

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