6 Blogs I loved in 2015

Throughout 2015 I rarely had the chance to read blogs, but there were a few that when I had the time, I would always read. Firstly, Claudia from Beauty and the Chic. Her photos are stunning and she recently set up her own Etsy shop to sell downloadable printable planners which are beautiful. Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps writes one of my favourite travel blogs, and I especially enjoyed reading her recent book release 'How Not to Travel the World'.

Next is Daisy from Cupcakes and Cherries, my blogging twin. We are around the same age, live in the same area of London and I feel like we have a lot in common. Her blog is one I know I can rely on. I have been reading Little Boat Sailing by Amy for many years now. Her blog is so beautiful and I thoroughly enjoy the variety of posts that Amy shares with us. Kate from Kate La Vie is complete blogging goals. I adore her style, her flat is just beautiful and you will fall in love with her as soon as you visit her blog. Last but not least, Lauren from By Lauren Jane who is very relatable and I can just spend hours looking through her blog - not to mention she is a complete babe!

A special mention also goes out to these lovely ladies - Alice from Tea Party with Alice, Victoria from Florence and Mary and Zinita from Beauty and the Payroller.  I would listed them above, but as they are my closest blogging friends I didn't think it would be fair. So make sure you also check them out as they are a great read.

What blogs have you been enjoying?


  1. Thank you so much for including my blog and Etsy shop, means so much!! xxx

  2. Thank you so much Carissa, this really means a lot to me. Big love xxx

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me, especially with so many other amazing bloggers. Wishing you an amazing 2016 :) xxx

  4. This is so lovely- thank you so much! And also have some great new blogs to follow!

    Daisy xx

  5. i love seeing bloggers share their favourites and spread the love, you have some great choices! x

  6. Thanks for sharing! All of these blogs are totally new to me, so I have quite a few to check out!

  7. This post is lovely! Thank you for sharing it, now I have more blogs I want to start reading ahh!x

    Mollie Victoria Beauty | Blog


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