Body Confidence: Getting Bikini Ready in just 8 Weeks

I recently tried on a bikini for the first time in a while and although I am generally quite happy with my body, I am not as body confident as I used to be. The areas that I am particularly unhappy with are my bum and thighs and because I am off to Santorini in few months, now is my time to get bikini ready in just 8 weeks. I am not looking to lose weight, more just to tone up and to feel more confident in myself.

My biggest struggle is motivation. Most of the time I work out, I have no real agenda, I just work out to be healthy. I therefore feel I need more structure in my gym routine, targeting the areas that I want to work on and planning what I want to do each day. To keep me going, I also need an end target.

So in terms of structure, I am going to continue swimming and attending workout classes as I have been, but for those days I don't (or if I am feeling particularly energetic, on those days I do go to the gym) I will be following the monthly workout calendars from Blogilates. This will increase my exercise schedule to working out 6, sometimes 7, days a week from my current attempt of just 2. The most I have ever done is 4 times a week, so it makes me nervous making this commitment, but I am determined to feel more body confident this summer!

Alongside this I will also be taking part in the 30 Day Butt List Challenge to help tone the area I am most unhappy about (the booty). As this is only 30 days, I may choose to continue for the full 8 weeks, or I may move on to the thigh slimming challenge (the other area I am unhappy about). My end aim is to tone up and therefore lose some inches, therefore here are my measurements as of today.

Bust: 28"
Waist: 26"
Hips: 38"
Bum: 39"
Arms: 10.5"
Thighs: 22.5"
Calves: 14.75"

I have never really committed to anything like this before so if you have any motivation tips please do share. I am hoping that by putting this out there and posting an update every few weeks, it will keep me going.

How do you keep motivated?

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