Tirita Marble Wood Phone Case

My go to place for a new phone case is almost always E-Bay, I frequently change my case and so I am not looking to spend a large amount of money. With cases starting at £0.99, there is a huge range of cases available, so much so you could spend hours looking for the perfect phone case. 

I recently came across the Tirita range, which contains stylish yet affordable phone cases, all of which I absolutely love. There are many beautiful marble designs, including some more unusual wood designs and fun flower designs. After much deliberation I finally chose a marble wood texture case (No.1) for just £4.99. I was very pleased with the quality of the case, it feels much more expensive than it is and is very different to anything else I have seen.

My only disappointment was that it does scratch quite easily, despite its claim that it is 100% scratch proof (is that even possible?). However, it is only noticeable in certain lights and as you can see in the photo, it really is not obvious.

If you are not into E-bay you can also buy from the Tirita website for £7.99 per case.

What is your favourite phone case?


  1. Love this! It's super cute and I haven't seen anything like it before. I'm using a pink and white transparent case at the moment from Paperchase. It's cute, but not as good value as this one.

    Lisa |

  2. Oh wow it's gorgeous! I may have to pick one up! xx

  3. This case could not be any cuter! And it was only 5GBP!?

    Be | lovefrombe


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