Book Review | How Not to Travel the World by Lauren Juliff

When I'm not travelling, I love to travel vicariously through others, so its no surprise that I can spend hours and hours getting lost in travel blogs. When I learnt that one of my favourite travel bloggers was releasing a book, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. How Not to Travel the World is written by travel blogger Lauren Juliff from Never Ending Footsteps. As the title suggests, this book is all about the adventures of a disaster prone backpacker. After suffering from anxiety for much of her life, Lauren decided to leave her safety net, England, and travel the world solo. She had never tried eggs, never tried rice and had never been on a bus, yet 5 years later she is still travelling, and has now accomplished all three and much much more!

The book begins on day one of her travels and continues for more than a year. Many of the stories are hilarious, whilst others are scary. You will read about how she got scammed in Shanghai and how she had to travel for six hours with a dead body, but she also tells the tale of how she met her boyfriend through travelling. Lauren takes you through her adventures as if you are there with her, making it very hard to put the book down.

This book is more than a travel book, it is a story about growing as an individual and gaining the courage to do things you are afraid of. Lauren is very relatable and super inspiring. Through this book she shows that although you sometimes may fall, you will always pick yourself up and be a stronger person because of it. Just a warning, despite the mishaps this book will make you want to travel the world.

Do check out Lauren's blog, it's far from your typical travel blog and is a great read.


  1. i would usually not reach for these sorts of books but it really sounds interesting! definitely adding it to my list to read!

    rachel // Style Soup

  2. This book seems really great! I'd love to read it :)

    X Nathalie |

  3. This sounds like a lovely book, a little similar to Eat, Pray, Love maybe. I loved that book xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin


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