The Easier Way to Clean your Makeup Brushes

Until recently, brush cleansing palettes were only really available in the USA, so when the Pixiwoo sisters released the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette I couldn't wait to try it out. The palette is palm sized and measures roughly 5 inches by 2 inches. It is soft, and therefore easy to bend and it has a little strap on the back for your hand, making the tray easy to hold. There are three different textures on the palette, one for large brushes, one for medium and one for small brushes. It also comes with two free trials of the Real Techniques brush cleansing gel, enough for a few cleanses per sachet.

To clean a brush I apply a small amount of gel to the palette, add some water and then swirl the brush across all three textures to give it a thorough clean. After a while I then rinse the brush under the tap and go back to the Palette to clean it some more. I find that once I rinse the brush I do need to add some more cleansing gel as the brush tends to soak up most of the gel and so it gets washed away. Once done, you can lay the brush across the top of the palette to dry, however I clean my brushes in batches so rarely use this feature.

All in all, I do like this palette however I wouldn't say it is a necessity to have in your collection. I like the control that the hand strap gives you and the palette is a good size, not too big and not too small. The three different textures do come in handy, and they are great at cleaning your brushes. I much prefer this technique to my usual of placing some soap in the palm of my hand and rubbing the brush until they are very sore! However, I felt like I was using a lot more cleansing gel than usual, which seemed a bit of a waste.  I also wasn't really a fan of the RT cleansing gel, I much prefer the Dr. Bronners magic soap, which I spoke about in this post.

The Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette is available now for £12.99.

What do you use to clean your makeup brushes?

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