Nicole Miller Phone Cases

Nicole Miller Phone Case

Go back a year and I rarely changed my phone case, however recently I seem to be growing quite a collection. In particular, I have grown quite fond of the Nicole Miller phone cases. I picked up both of these from TK Maxx for a very reasonable price of just £6.99 each, and yet they are very well made. The floral case on the left is a hard case back with Nicole Miller engraved at the bottom and this is the case that first attracted me to Nicole Miller. The clear floral case on the right is a more recent purchase and comes in two separate parts - a soft gel frame to protect the phone edge and a hard case back to protect the back. 

I adore how these look on my phone and there are many other beautiful designs available. Unfortunately it seems they are not particularly easy to get hold of, there are some on EBay, however do pop into your local TK Maxx store and have a look!

Where do you buy your phone cases from?


  1. These cases are STUNNING! I remember going crazy and buying (literally) all of them at my local Marshall's. But you're right - they're pretty hard to get a hold of. I've since upgraded my phone and couldn't find new cases anywhere. What a shame, cause they were pretty and durable at the same time.

  2. Yeah! You are right sixth lisbon. The cases are beautiful. I also bought cases from , their designs are awesome and cool !


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