New Beginnings

Five years ago I launched Vanilla Crush, a blog about all things beauty. Whilst I still love writing about beauty, in those five years a lot has changed. I have moved out of my family home, my Wanderlust is stronger than ever, and most obviously - I am five years older. I now spend my days researching new travel destinations, hunting down the perfect coffee table and spending most of my money on candles.

To be frank, I have out grown Vanilla Crush. I had been contemplating a name change for a while now, but it never quite felt right. Having taken some time out from blogging, I feel it is now the perfect time for a new beginning. So, this is the launch of Carissa May.

Carissa May will still include posts about my favourite beauty products and all things beauty related, however the focus will no longer just be beauty, but travel and lifestyle too. I do hope you like the new blog and I look forward to writing about some new topics.

I would love to hear from you if you have been with me since the beginning!


  1. Loving it! So excited to see the new posts to come. 😊

  2. Love the new layout and look forward to hearing more about your travels.

    Victoria x


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