The at Home Facial with Maskorea

Maskorea Sheet Mask

South Korea is known for its skincare, bringing us beauty trends such as BB creams and sheet masks. Slowly we are beginning to get more choice, one of the most recent being Maskorea, a new innovative Korean skincare brand tailored for western-skin. Their three step face masks include a pre-mask cleanser, a serum infused ultra-absorbent mask and a post mask anti ageing night treatment - making them perfect for travelling.

Maskorea Sheet Mask

The Cleanser

The foam cleanser included used to prepare the skin, removing dirt and makeup. It is very creamy and foams up nicely, leaving the skin feeling soft and clean. It does feel a little drying, however as you are using a mask next this didn't matter too much.

The Mask

Instead of the usual cotton sheet mask, Maskorea masks are made from the natural material Tencel. This biodegradable material sticks to the contours of your face and holds 50% more moisture than cotton, making it ultra hydrating. After leaving on my face for 30 minutes, I removed the mask and was left with a light layer of serum that I massaged into my skin.

The Night Treatment

The night cream is designed to be applied straight after the face mask, however as there is still some residue from the face mask it can feel weird to apply. I found it took a while for the cream to sink in, but as this is usually applied before bed I didn't mind.

Maskorea Sheet Mask

What makes these sheet masks different to all others, is that the whole process is like having a facial at home (for a fraction of the price). I like to use these masks when I am having a pamper evening, massaging the serum and night treatment into my skin in an upward motion. Afterwards my skin feels much more hydrated and plump, and any blemishes have reduced in size. I can definitely see the benefits of using a sheet mask over a face mask.

Maskorea do not test on animals, and their products are free from artificial colouring, silicons, parabens and mineral oil. There are currently three masks in the collection; Instant Glow (for dull skin), Turn Back the Clocks (for more mature skin) and Too Many Late Nights (for tired, dehydrated skin).

Available from Feel Unique for £7.99 each.

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